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A work-in-progress Magit clone for Neovim that is geared toward the Vim philosophy.


NOTE: We depend on plenary.nvim, so to use this plugin, you will additionally need to require nvim-lua/plenary.nvim using your plugin manager of choice, before requiring this plugin.

Plugin Manager Command
Packer use { 'TimUntersberger/neogit', requires = 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim' }
Vim-plug Plug 'TimUntersberger/neogit'
NeoBundle NeoBundle 'TimUntersberger/neogit'
Vundle Bundle 'TimUntersberger/neogit'
Pathogen git clone https://github.com/TimUntersberger/neogit.git ~/.vim/bundle/neogit
Dein call dein#add('TimUntersberger/neogit')
Dep {'TimUntersberger/neogit', requires = {'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'}}

You also use in the built-in package manager:

$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/TimUntersberger/neogit $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvim/pack/plugins/start/neogit

Now you have to add the following lines to your init.lua

local neogit = require('neogit')

neogit.setup {}


You can either open neogit by using the Neogit command

:Neogit " uses tab
:Neogit kind=<kind> " override kind
:Neogit cwd=<cwd> " override cwd
:Neogit commit" open commit popup

or using the lua api:

local neogit = require('neogit')

-- open using defaults

-- open commit popup
neogit.open({ "commit" })

-- open with split kind
neogit.open({ kind = "split" })

-- open home directory
neogit.open({ cwd = "~" })

The create function takes 1 optional argument that can be one of the following values:

  • tab (default)
  • replace
  • floating (This currently doesn't work with popups. Very unstable)
  • split
  • split_above
  • vsplit

Status Keybindings

Keybinding Function
Tab Toggle diff
1, 2, 3, 4 Set a foldlevel
$ Command history
b Branch popup
s Stage (also supports staging selection/hunk)
S Stage unstaged changes
<C-s> Stage Everything
u Unstage (also supports staging selection/hunk)
U Unstage staged changes
c Open commit popup
r Open rebase popup
m Open merge popup
f Open fetch popup
L Open log popup
p Open pull popup
P Open push popup
Z Open stash popup
? Open help popup
x Discard changes (also supports discarding hunks)
<enter> Go to file
<C-r> Refresh Buffer

With diffview integration enabled

Keybinding Function
d Open diffview.nvim at hovered file
D (TODO) Open diff popup


You can configure neogit by running the neogit.setup function.

local neogit = require("neogit")

neogit.setup {
  disable_signs = false,
  disable_hint = false,
  disable_context_highlighting = false,
  disable_commit_confirmation = false,
  -- Neogit refreshes its internal state after specific events, which can be expensive depending on the repository size.
  -- Disabling `auto_refresh` will make it so you have to manually refresh the status after you open it.
  auto_refresh = true,
  -- Value used for `--sort` option for `git branch` command
  -- By default, branches will be sorted by commit date descending
  -- Flag description: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-branch#Documentation/git-branch.txt---sortltkeygt
  -- Sorting keys: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-for-each-ref#_options
  sort_branches = "-committerdate",
  disable_builtin_notifications = false,
  use_magit_keybindings = false,
  -- Change the default way of opening neogit
  kind = "tab",
  -- The time after which an output console is shown for slow running commands
  console_timeout = 2000,
  -- Automatically show console if a command takes more than console_timeout milliseconds
  auto_show_console = true,
  -- Persist the values of switches/options within and across sessions
  remember_settings = true,
  -- Scope persisted settings on a per-project basis
  use_per_project_settings = true,
  -- Array-like table of settings to never persist. Uses format "Filetype--cli-value"
  --   ie: `{ "NeogitCommitPopup--author", "NeogitCommitPopup--no-verify" }`
  ignored_settings = {},
  -- Change the default way of opening the commit popup
  commit_popup = {
    kind = "split",
  -- Change the default way of opening the preview buffer
  preview_buffer = {
    kind = "split",
  -- Change the default way of opening popups
  popup = {
    kind = "split",
  -- customize displayed signs
  signs = {
    -- { CLOSED, OPENED }
    section = { ">", "v" },
    item = { ">", "v" },
    hunk = { "", "" },
  integrations = {
    -- Neogit only provides inline diffs. If you want a more traditional way to look at diffs, you can use `sindrets/diffview.nvim`.
    -- The diffview integration enables the diff popup, which is a wrapper around `sindrets/diffview.nvim`.
    -- Requires you to have `sindrets/diffview.nvim` installed.
    -- use {
    --   'TimUntersberger/neogit',
    --   requires = {
    --     'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim',
    --     'sindrets/diffview.nvim'
    --   }
    -- }
    diffview = false
  -- Setting any section to `false` will make the section not render at all
  sections = {
    untracked = {
      folded = false
    unstaged = {
      folded = false
    staged = {
      folded = false
    stashes = {
      folded = true
    unpulled = {
      folded = true
    unmerged = {
      folded = false
    recent = {
      folded = true
  -- override/add mappings
  mappings = {
    -- modify status buffer mappings
    status = {
      -- Adds a mapping with "B" as key that does the "BranchPopup" command
      ["B"] = "BranchPopup",
      -- Removes the default mapping of "s"
      ["s"] = "",

Right now, only the status buffer supports custom mappings.

List of status commands:

  • Close
  • InitRepo
  • Depth1 (Set foldlevel to 1)
  • Depth2 (Set foldlevel to 2)
  • Depth3 (Set foldlevel to 3)
  • Depth4 (Set foldlevel to 4)
  • Toggle
  • Discard (Normal and visual mode)
  • Stage (Normal and visual mode)
  • StageUnstaged
  • StageAll
  • GoToFile
  • Unstage (Normal and visual mode)
  • UnstageStaged
  • CommandHistory
  • RefreshBuffer
  • HelpPopup
  • PullPopup
  • PushPopup
  • FetchPopup
  • CommitPopup
  • LogPopup
  • StashPopup
  • BranchPopup

Notification Highlighting

Neogit defines three highlight groups for the notifications:

hi NeogitNotificationInfo guifg=#80ff95
hi NeogitNotificationWarning guifg=#fff454
hi NeogitNotificationError guifg=#c44323

You can override them to fit your colorscheme in your vim configuration.

Contextual Highlighting

The colors for contextual highlighting are defined with these highlight groups:

hi def NeogitDiffAddHighlight guibg=#404040 guifg=#859900
hi def NeogitDiffDeleteHighlight guibg=#404040 guifg=#dc322f
hi def NeogitDiffContextHighlight guibg=#333333 guifg=#b2b2b2
hi def NeogitHunkHeader guifg=#cccccc guibg=#404040
hi def NeogitHunkHeaderHighlight guifg=#cccccc guibg=#4d4d4d

You can override them to fit your colorscheme by creating a syntax/NeogitStatus.vim in your vim configuration and adding your custom highlights there.

Disabling Contextual Highlighting

Set disable_context_highlighting = true in your call to setup to disable context highlighting altogether.

Disabling Hint

Set disable_hint = true in your call to setup to hide hints on top of the panel.

Disabling Commit Confirmation

Set disable_commit_confirmation = true in your call to setup to disable the "Are you sure you want to commit?" prompt after saving the commit message buffer.

Disabling Insert On Commit

Set disable_insert_on_commit = true in your call to setup to disable automatically changing to insert mode when opening the commit message buffer. (Disabled is the default)


Neogit emits the following events:

Event Description
NeogitStatusRefreshed Status has been reloaded
NeogitCommitComplete Commit has been created
NeogitPushComplete Push has completed
NeogitPullComplete Pull has completed
NeogitFetchComplete Fetch has completed

You can listen to the events using the following code:

autocmd User NeogitStatusRefreshed echom "Hello World!"

Or, if you prefer to configure autocommands via Lua:

local group = vim.api.nvim_create_augroup('MyCustomNeogitEvents', { clear = true })
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd('User', {
  pattern = 'NeogitPushComplete',
  group = group,
  callback = require('neogit').close,

Magit-style Keybindings

Neogit uses 'p' for pulling instead of 'F'.

Set use_magit_keybindings = true in your call to setup to use magit-style keybindings.

Refreshing Neogit

If you would like to refresh Neogit manually, you can use neogit#refresh_manually in Vimscript or require('neogit').refresh_manually in lua. They both require a single file parameter.

This allows you to refresh Neogit on your own custom events

augroup DefaultRefreshEvents
  au BufWritePost,BufEnter,FocusGained,ShellCmdPost,VimResume * call <SID>neogit#refresh_manually(expand('<afile>'))
augroup END


Note: This file is no longer being updated.

The todo file does not represent ALL of the missing features. This file just shows the features which I noticed were missing and I have to implement.



Assure that you have plenary.nvim installed as a plugin for your neovim instance. Afterwards, run make test to run the unit test suite.

Plenary uses it's own port of busted and a bundled luassert, so consult their code and the respective busted and luassert docs for what methods are available.