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  • Thank you all for trying to work on the creation of the logo.
  • The logo was made by im-yuria
  • Thank you Thomashighbaugh for creating a such a beautiful creation Logo here


Dependencies :

  • neovim (+0.5)
  • pip3
  • nodejs (for lsp)
  • npm (for lsp)
  • yarn (for lsp)

bash <(curl -s

Update Config

To keep the config up to date :

git pull
nvim +PackerCompile

! This will not affect your 'sv-config.lua'. So don't worry.

Why StarVim ?

The answer everyone is waiting for.

Here you go :

Lazy loading

StarVim is lazy loaded so hard that your machine does'nt feel the force of the arrival of StarVim.

  • Almost 25+ plugins are installed. All of them are lazyloaded.


StarVim will have more colorschemes with colorfulness.

  • When colorschemes are loaded normally it takes a lot of time. But StarVim has also lazied the colorschemes


StarVim can be configured within 1 file. Which makes everything simple for the user.

  • While doing a git pull it does'nt affect the user config file. 'sv-config.lua'
  • If you still aren't convinced read the Features


  • Autosave functionality.

  • Gitsigns for colors git signs

  • Minimal status line (lualine)

  • File navigation with Nvimtree

  • Nvim-compe for autocompletion

  • Packer.nvim as package manager

  • Smooth scrolling with Neoscroll

  • Indent-blankline.Nvim for indentlines

  • Managing tabs, buffers with Bufferline

  • Nvim-treesitter for syntax highlighting

  • Nvim-lspconfig for nvim-lps configuration

  • LspInstall for installing lsp servers easily.

  • Telescope for file finding, picking, previewing

  • Nvim-autopairs, for autolosing braces and stuffs

  • Formatter.nvim for prettifying / formatting code

  • Lspkind to show pictograms on autocompletion items

  • Using Nvim-lsp for language perfection and intellisense

  • Using plugins that are mouse friendly (Keyboard is better!)

  • Icons on nvimtree, telescope, bufferline/statusline and almost everywhere! with nvim-web-devicons

  • Snip support from VSCode through vsnip supporting custom and predefined snips (friendly-snippets)

  • And the Killer Feature ! Lua

  • Lua makes it faster and smoother. More extensible


DashBoard Other screenshots are displayed here


  • PR's are always welcome , no matter what So start today . PRs Welcome
  • While making a PR, try to be more descriptive. :)

Error Handling

Check star.log located in ~/.local/share/nvim/star.log for any errors More will be added in the wiki


If you have any doubts you can freely ask on these following sites:


  • PR's are always welcome , no matter what So start today . PRs Welcome
  • While making a PR, try to be more descriptive. :)


The following repositories helped me in improving StarVim


  • Logo
  • Readme
  • Clean code CodeFactor
  • More Custom Colorschemes
  • Easily Installable plugins
  • Documentation, Wiki and stuff