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  use 'chipsenkbeil/distant.nvim'


require "paq" { 



A wrapper around distant that enables users to edit remote files from the comfort of their local environment.

  • Requires neovim 0.5+
  • Requires distant 0.14.1+

🚧 (Alpha stage software) This plugin is in rapid development and may break or change frequently! 🚧


Demo Video


Using packer.nvim

use {
  config = function()
    local actions = require('distant.nav.actions')

    require('distant').setup {
      -- Apply these settings to the specific host
      [''] = {
        launch = {
          -- Specify a specific location for the distant binary on the remote machine
          distant = '/path/to/distant',

        lsp = {
          -- Specify an LSP to run for a specific project
          ['My Project'] = {
            cmd = '/path/to/rust-analyzer',
            root_dir = '/path/to/project/root',

            -- Do your on_attach with keybindings like you would with
            -- nvim-lspconfig
            on_attach = function() 
              -- Apply some general bindings for every buffer supporting lsp

      -- Apply these settings to any remote host
      ['*'] = {
        -- Apply these launch settings to all hosts
        launch = {
          -- Apply additional CLI options to the listening server, such as
          -- shutting down when there is no connection to it after 30 seconds
          extra_server_args = '"--shutdown-after 30"',

        -- Specify mappings to apply on remote file buffers
        -- Presently, the only one you would want is some way to trigger
        -- file navigation
        file = {
          mappings = {
            ['-']         = actions.up,

        -- Specify mappings to apply on remote directory bufffers
        dir = {
          mappings = {
            ['<Return>']  = actions.edit,
            ['-']         = actions.up,
            ['K']         = actions.mkdir,
            ['N']         = actions.newfile,
            ['R']         = actions.rename,
            ['D']         = actions.remove,


Supports the following features against remote machines:

  • Retrieving a list of available files & directories
  • Editing remote files
  • Creating and deleting files & directories
  • Copying files & directories
  • Renaming files & directories
  • Running LSPs remotely and getting live results locally

Support is coming up for these features:

Getting Started

In order to operate against a remote machine, we first need to establish a connection to it. To do this, we run :DistantLaunch {host} where the host points to the remote machine and can be an IP address like or a domain like

The launch command will attempt to SSH into the remote machine using port 22 by default and start an instance of distant.

Once started, all remote operations will be sent to that machine! You can try out something simple like displaying a list of files, directories, and symlinks by running :DistantOpen /some/dir, which will open a dialog that displays all of the contents of the specified directory.


Blocking Functions

Synchronous functions are available that perform the given operation in a blocking fashion. All blocking functions support being provided a timeout and interval to check said timeout, defaulting both to the global settings. For more details, check out the doc comments for the individual functions.

Functions Description
fn.copy Copies a remote file or directory to another remote location
fn.dir_list Lists remote files & directories for the given path on the remote machine
fn.exists Determines whether or not the path exists on the remote machine
fn.metadata Retrieves metadata about a remote file, directory, or symlink
fn.mkdir Creates a new directory remotely
fn.read_file_text Reads a remote file, returning its content as text
fn.remove Removes a remote file or directory
fn.rename Renames a remote file or directory Runs a remote program to completion, returning stdout, stderr, and exit code
fn.system_info Retrieves information about the remote machine such as its os name and arch
fn.write_file_text Writes text to a remote file

Async Functions

Asynchronous functions are available that use callbacks when functions are executed. The singular argument to the callback matches that of the return value of the synchronous function. For more details, check out the doc comments for the individual functions.

Functions Description
fn.async.copy Async variant of fn.copy using callbacks
fn.async.dir_list Async variant of fn.dir_list using callbacks
fn.async.exists Async variant of fn.exists using callbacks
fn.async.metadata Async variant of fn.metadata using callbacks
fn.async.mkdir Async variant of fn.mkdir using callbacks
fn.async.read_file_text Async variant of fn.read_file_text using callbacks
fn.async.remove Async variant of fn.remove using callbacks
fn.async.rename Async variant of fn.rename using callbacks Async variant of using callbacks
fn.async.system_info Async variant of fn.system_info using callbacks
fn.async.write_file_text Async variant of fn.write_file_text using callbacks


Alongside functions, this plugin also provides vim commands that can be used to initiate different tasks remotely. It also includes specialized commands such as DistantLaunch that is used to start a remote session.

Specialized Commands

These commands are geared towards performing actions that expose some dialogs or other user interfaces within neovim.

Commands Description
DistantOpen Opens a file for editing or a directory for navigation
DistantLaunch Opens a dialog to launch distant on a remote machine
DistantMetadata Presents information about some path on a remote machine
DistantSessionInfo Presents information related to the remote connection
DistantSystemInfo Presents information about remote machine itself

Function Commands

These commands are purely wrappers around existing functions that accept those function's arguments as input.

Commands Description
DistantCopy Alias to lua require('distant').fn.copy
DistantMkdir Alias to lua require('distant').fn.mkdir
DistantRemove Alias to lua require('distant').fn.remove
DistantRename Alias to lua require('distant').fn.rename
DistantRun Alias to lua require('distant')

telescope Integration



This project is licensed under either of

Apache License, Version 2.0, (LICENSE-APACHE or apache-license) MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or mit-license) at your option.