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Remember file locations and sort by time and frequency.


This plugin is used to mark any position of the file and jump to it. It can add notes when marking and persist the mark to the file when nvim exits for the next load.

Each time you jump from a bookmark, the update time of the current bookmark will be updated and the usage frequency will be increased by one. You can sort bookmarks by time or frequency when browsing the bookmark list.

The data file is based on the cwd of each project for separate storage.

Support switching between multiple sessions.

Show virt text at the end of bookmarked lines.

The storage location is underecho stdpath("data"), mac is ~/.local/share/nvim/bookmarks/.

The storage data is lua code and load with dofile:

    filename = '/Users/crusj/Project/bookmarks.nvim/',
    description = 'readme',
    fre = 3,
    id = '429b65925c650553dfcc8576231837a2',
    line = 2,
    updated_at = 1651588531,
    filename = '/Users/crusj/Project/bookmarks.nvim/lua/bookmarks/config.lua',
    description = 'keymap',
    fre = 11,
    id = 'a22afa41979db45c6a8215cb7df6304f',
    line = 6,
    updated_at = 1651588572,
    filename = '/Users/crusj/Project/bookmarks.nvim/lua/bookmarks/event.lua',
    description = 'add keymap',
    fre = 5,
    id = 'a2e79c4b86b533f43fe3aa5a545a5073',
    line = 10,
    updated_at = 1651580490,


Setup: require("telescope").load_extension("bookmarks")

Command: Telescope bookmarks


bookmarks list



  • Neovim >= 0.7


    branch = 'main',
    requires = { 'kyazdani42/nvim-web-devicons' }




Default config

    keymap = {
        toggle = "<tab><tab>", -- Toggle bookmarks
        add = "\\z", -- Add bookmarks
        jump = "<CR>", -- Jump from bookmarks
        delete = "dd", -- Delete bookmarks
        order = "<space><space>", -- Order bookmarks by frequency or updated_time
        delete_on_virt = "\\dd", -- Delete bookmark at virt text line
        show_desc = "\\sd", -- show bookmark desc
    width = 0.8, -- Bookmarks window width:  (0, 1]
    height = 0.6, -- Bookmarks window height: (0, 1]
    preview_ratio = 0.4, -- Bookmarks preview window ratio (0, 1]
    preview_ext_enable = false, -- If true, preview buf will add file ext, preview window may be highlighed(treesitter), but may be slower.
    fix_enable = false, -- If true, when saving the current file, if the bookmark line number of the current file changes, try to fix it.

    virt_text = "🔖", -- Show virt text at the end of bookmarked lines
    virt_pattern = { "*.go", "*.lua", "*.sh", "*.php", "*.rs" }, -- Show virt text only on matched pattern
    border_style = "single", -- border style: "single", "double", "rounded" 
    hl = {
        border = "TelescopeBorder", -- border highlight
        cursorline = "guibg=Gray guifg=White", -- cursorline highlight


  • Move the cursor to the line of the file that needs to be bookmarked.
  • Press \\z in normal mode, and input a description in the pop-up shortcut window.
  • Press enter in insert mode to add, or press esc in normal mode to cancel adding bookmarks.
  • Press <tab><tab> to open or close the bookmark list window.
  • Move the cursor in the bookmark list window, press enter to jump to the file line where the bookmark is located.
  • Press <space><space> in the bookmark list window to switch sorting rules.
  • Press dd in the bookmark list to delete a bookmark.


Highlight Purpose
bookmarks_virt_text Highlight of the virt_text


Bookmark are realized by storing the file name and line number where the bookmark is added. If the buf changes, the line number where the bookmark content is located may not match the real situation, the bookmark still points to the old one. Some time ago, I recorded the hash value of the line text where the bookmark is located. When the buf is saved, it will traverse all the bookmarks of the current buf, relative to the change of the total number of lines in the buf, look up or down for the line content equal to the bookmark hash value, and update the bookmark position, which works somewhat, but often fails. The fix_enable option is set to false by defalut. I'm thinking of a better way to do it. 🤔 Ideas welcome. 🥳


  • Fix bookmarks when buf changed.


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