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Visualize your undo tree and fuzzy-search changes in it. For those days where committing early and often doesn't work out.



After invoking telescope-undo you can browse the current buffer's undo tree in a text-based tree representation by using telescope's move_selection_next/previous actions. These are mapped to arrow keys or <C-n>,<C-p> by default. Inserted text is fuzzy matched against the additions and deletions in each undo state in your undo tree and the finder will limit the results accordingly. While this obviously breaks the tree visuals, you can freely search in your undo states. The previewer will always show the diff of the current selection with some context according to your scrolloff value.

If you have found the undo state you were looking for, you can use <C-cr> to revert to that state. If you'd rather not change your whole buffer, you can use <cr> to yank the additions of this undo state into your default register (use <S-cr> to yank the deletions).


Install with your favorite Neovim package manager.

Plugin Spec for lazy.nvim:

  dependencies = {
  config = function()
      extensions = {
        undo = {
          -- telescope-undo.nvim config, see below
    -- optional: vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>u", "<cmd>Telescope undo<cr>")

Invoke using:

" Directly by calling it through Telescope's extension interface:

" using lua
:lua require("telescope").extensions.undo.undo()
" using legacy Vim script
:Telescope undo

" Using the optional mapping:

" using lua
:lua vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>u", "<cmd>Telescope undo<cr>")
" using legacy Vim script
:nmap <leader>u <cmd>Telescope undo<cr>


The available configuration values are:

  • use_delta, which controls whether delta is used for fancy diffs in the preview section. If set to false, telescope-undo will not use delta even when available and fall back to a plain diff with treesitter highlights.
  • side_by_side, which tells delta to render diffs side-by-side. Thus, requires delta to be used. Be aware that delta always uses its own configuration, so it might be that you're getting the side-by-side view even if this is set to false
  • diff_context_lines, defaults to your scrolloff value.

This is what the defaults look like with some additional explanations:

  extensions = {
    undo = {
      use_delta = true,
      use_custom_command = nil, -- setting this implies `use_delta = false`. Accepted format is: { "bash", "-c", "echo '$DIFF' | delta" }
      side_by_side = false,
      diff_context_lines = vim.o.scrolloff,
      entry_format = "state #$ID, $STAT, $TIME",
      mappings = {
        i = {
          -- IMPORTANT: Note that telescope-undo must be available when telescope is configured if
          -- you want to replicate these defaults and use the following actions. This means
          -- installing as a dependency of telescope in it's `requirements` and loading this
          -- extension from there instead of having the separate plugin definition as outlined
          -- above.
          ["<cr>"] = require("telescope-undo.actions").yank_additions,
          ["<S-cr>"] = require("telescope-undo.actions").yank_deletions,
          ["<C-cr>"] = require("telescope-undo.actions").restore,

The full list will always be available in the code providing the defaults here.

My personal recommendation is the following, which maximizes the width of the preview to enable side-by-side diffs:

  extensions = {
    undo = {
      side_by_side = true,
      layout_strategy = "vertical",
      layout_config = {
        preview_height = 0.8,


Suggestions, issues and patches are very much welcome. There are some TODOs sprinkeled into the code that need addressing, but could also use some input and opinions.