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3 days ago


Plugin for easy navigation around the syntax-tree produced by the treesitter that also works in comments and multi-language files!

It provides 4 basic motions: jump to next/previous sibling in the tree, jump to parent, and jump to child, as well as the ability to swap neighbouring nodes.

For convenience 'tree-climber.nvim' squashes parents with a single child together and tries to preserve your tree depth between jumps so that you can always return from where you started.


It is actually quite surprising that this functionality is not provided by the treesitter itself. The memorable alternatives are:

  • nvim-treesitter-textobjects allows jumping in some filetypes to predefined node types, but each type requires its own keymap, whereas 'tree-climber.nvim' allows jumping over abstract treesitter trees.
  • syntax-tree-surfer has a very similar functionality, but unfortunately does not support jumping over comments and across multi-language files.


Load 'tree-climber.nvim' as any other neovim plugin using your favourite package manager.

The plugin provides 6 functions, that can be mapped by the user: goto_next(), goto_prev(), goto_parent(), goto_child(), swap_next() and swap_prev(). Suggested mapping for easy copy-pasting:

local keyopts = { noremap = true, silent = true }
vim.keymap.set({'n', 'v', 'o'}, 'H', require('tree-climber').goto_parent, keyopts)
vim.keymap.set({'n', 'v', 'o'}, 'L', require('tree-climber').goto_child, keyopts)
vim.keymap.set({'n', 'v', 'o'}, 'J', require('tree-climber').goto_next, keyopts)
vim.keymap.set({'n', 'v', 'o'}, 'K', require('tree-climber').goto_prev, keyopts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<c-k>', require('tree-climber').swap_prev, keyopts)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<c-j>', require('tree-climber').swap_next, keyopts)


Each motion and swap function optionally accepts a table with a configuration, for example, goto_next({ skip_comments = true }).

The only available option so far is:

  • skip_comments (boolean) - ignore comment nodes as if they were not there at all (default: false)