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💥 Noice (Nice, Noise, Notice)

Highly experimental plugin that completely replaces the UI for messages, cmdline and the popupmenu.


✨ Features

  • 🌅 fully configurable views like nvim-notify, splits, popups, virtual text, ..
  • 🔍 use filters to route messages to different views
  • 🌈 message highlights are preserved in the views (like the colors of :hi)
  • 📝 command output like :messages is shown in normal buffers, which makes it much easier to work with
  • 📚 :Noice command to show a full message history
  • ⌨️ no more :h more-prompt
  • 💻 fully customizable cmdline with icons
  • 💅 syntax highlighting for vim and lua on the cmdline
  • 🚥 statusline components
  • 🔭 open message history in telescope.nvim

🔥 Status

Noice is using the new experimental vim.ui_attach API, so issues are to be expected. It is highly recommended to use Neovim nightly, since a bunch of issues have already been fixed upstream. Check this tracking issue for a list of known issues.

⚡️ Requirements

  • Neovim >= 0.8.0 (nightly highly recommended)
  • nui.nvim: used for proper rendering and multiple views
  • nvim-notify: notification view (optional)
  • a Nerd Font (optional)
  • nvim-treesitter (optional, but highly recommended) used for highlighting the cmdline and lsp docs. Make sure to install the parsers for vim, regex, lua, bash, markdown and markdown_inline

📦 Installation

Install the plugin with your preferred package manager:

-- Packer
  config = function()
        -- add any options here
  requires = {
    -- if you lazy-load any plugin below, make sure to add proper `module="..."` entries
    -- OPTIONAL:
    --   `nvim-notify` is only needed, if you want to use the notification view.
    --   If not available, we use `mini` as the fallback

Suggested setup:

  lsp = {
    -- override markdown rendering so that **cmp** and other plugins use **Treesitter**
    override = {
      ["vim.lsp.util.convert_input_to_markdown_lines"] = true,
      ["vim.lsp.util.stylize_markdown"] = true,
      ["cmp.entry.get_documentation"] = true,
  -- you can enable a preset for easier configuration
  presets = {
    bottom_search = true, -- use a classic bottom cmdline for search
    command_palette = true, -- position the cmdline and popupmenu together
    long_message_to_split = true, -- long messages will be sent to a split
    inc_rename = false, -- enables an input dialog for inc-rename.nvim
    lsp_doc_border = false, -- add a border to hover docs and signature help

It's a good idea to run :checkhealth noice after installing to check for common issues.

" vim-plug
call plug#begin()
  Plug 'folke/noice.nvim'
  Plug 'MunifTanjim/nui.nvim'
call plug#end()

lua require("noice").setup()

⚙️ Configuration

noice.nvim comes with the following defaults:

Check the wiki for configuration recipes.

  cmdline = {
    enabled = true, -- enables the Noice cmdline UI
    view = "cmdline_popup", -- view for rendering the cmdline. Change to `cmdline` to get a classic cmdline at the bottom
    opts = {}, -- global options for the cmdline. See section on views
    ---@type table<string, CmdlineFormat>
    format = {
      -- conceal: (default=true) This will hide the text in the cmdline that matches the pattern.
      -- view: (default is cmdline view)
      -- opts: any options passed to the view
      -- icon_hl_group: optional hl_group for the icon
      -- title: set to anything or empty string to hide
      cmdline = { pattern = "^:", icon = "", lang = "vim" },
      search_down = { kind = "search", pattern = "^/", icon = " ", lang = "regex" },
      search_up = { kind = "search", pattern = "^%?", icon = " ", lang = "regex" },
      filter = { pattern = "^:%s*!", icon = "$", lang = "bash" },
      lua = { pattern = "^:%s*lua%s+", icon = "", lang = "lua" },
      help = { pattern = "^:%s*he?l?p?%s+", icon = "" },
      input = {}, -- Used by input()
      -- lua = false, -- to disable a format, set to `false`
  messages = {
    -- NOTE: If you enable messages, then the cmdline is enabled automatically.
    -- This is a current Neovim limitation.
    enabled = true, -- enables the Noice messages UI
    view = "notify", -- default view for messages
    view_error = "notify", -- view for errors
    view_warn = "notify", -- view for warnings
    view_history = "messages", -- view for :messages
    view_search = "virtualtext", -- view for search count messages. Set to `false` to disable
  popupmenu = {
    enabled = true, -- enables the Noice popupmenu UI
    ---@type 'nui'|'cmp'
    backend = "nui", -- backend to use to show regular cmdline completions
    ---@type NoicePopupmenuItemKind|false
    -- Icons for completion item kinds (see defaults at noice.config.icons.kinds)
    kind_icons = {}, -- set to `false` to disable icons
  -- default options for require('noice').redirect
  -- see the section on Command Redirection
  ---@type NoiceRouteConfig
  redirect = {
    view = "popup",
    filter = { event = "msg_show" },
  -- You can add any custom commands below that will be available with `:Noice command`
  ---@type table<string, NoiceCommand>
  commands = {
    history = {
      -- options for the message history that you get with `:Noice`
      view = "split",
      opts = { enter = true, format = "details" },
      filter = {
        any = {
          { event = "notify" },
          { error = true },
          { warning = true },
          { event = "msg_show", kind = { "" } },
          { event = "lsp", kind = "message" },
    -- :Noice last
    last = {
      view = "popup",
      opts = { enter = true, format = "details" },
      filter = {
        any = {
          { event = "notify" },
          { error = true },
          { warning = true },
          { event = "msg_show", kind = { "" } },
          { event = "lsp", kind = "message" },
      filter_opts = { count = 1 },
    -- :Noice errors
    errors = {
      -- options for the message history that you get with `:Noice`
      view = "popup",
      opts = { enter = true, format = "details" },
      filter = { error = true },
      filter_opts = { reverse = true },
  notify = {
    -- Noice can be used as `vim.notify` so you can route any notification like other messages
    -- Notification messages have their level and other properties set.
    -- event is always "notify" and kind can be any log level as a string
    -- The default routes will forward notifications to nvim-notify
    -- Benefit of using Noice for this is the routing and consistent history view
    enabled = true,
    view = "notify",
  lsp = {
    progress = {
      enabled = true,
      -- Lsp Progress is formatted using the builtins for lsp_progress. See config.format.builtin
      -- See the section on formatting for more details on how to customize.
      --- @type NoiceFormat|string
      format = "lsp_progress",
      --- @type NoiceFormat|string
      format_done = "lsp_progress_done",
      throttle = 1000 / 30, -- frequency to update lsp progress message
      view = "mini",
    override = {
      -- override the default lsp markdown formatter with Noice
      ["vim.lsp.util.convert_input_to_markdown_lines"] = false,
      -- override the lsp markdown formatter with Noice
      ["vim.lsp.util.stylize_markdown"] = false,
      -- override cmp documentation with Noice (needs the other options to work)
      ["cmp.entry.get_documentation"] = false,
    hover = {
      enabled = true,
      view = nil, -- when nil, use defaults from documentation
      ---@type NoiceViewOptions
      opts = {}, -- merged with defaults from documentation
    signature = {
      enabled = true,
      auto_open = {
        enabled = true,
        trigger = true, -- Automatically show signature help when typing a trigger character from the LSP
        luasnip = true, -- Will open signature help when jumping to Luasnip insert nodes
        throttle = 50, -- Debounce lsp signature help request by 50ms
      view = nil, -- when nil, use defaults from documentation
      ---@type NoiceViewOptions
      opts = {}, -- merged with defaults from documentation
    message = {
      -- Messages shown by lsp servers
      enabled = true,
      view = "notify",
      opts = {},
    -- defaults for hover and signature help
    documentation = {
      view = "hover",
      ---@type NoiceViewOptions
      opts = {
        lang = "markdown",
        replace = true,
        render = "plain",
        format = { "{message}" },
        win_options = { concealcursor = "n", conceallevel = 3 },
  markdown = {
    hover = {
      ["|(%S-)|"] =, -- vim help links
      ["%[.-%]%((%S-)%)"] = require("noice.util").open, -- markdown links
    highlights = {
      ["|%S-|"] = "@text.reference",
      ["@%S+"] = "@parameter",
      ["^%s*(Parameters:)"] = "@text.title",
      ["^%s*(Return:)"] = "@text.title",
      ["^%s*(See also:)"] = "@text.title",
      ["{%S-}"] = "@parameter",
  health = {
    checker = true, -- Disable if you don't want health checks to run
  smart_move = {
    -- noice tries to move out of the way of existing floating windows.
    enabled = true, -- you can disable this behaviour here
    -- add any filetypes here, that shouldn't trigger smart move.
    excluded_filetypes = { "cmp_menu", "cmp_docs", "notify" },
  ---@type NoicePresets
  presets = {
    -- you can enable a preset by setting it to true, or a table that will override the preset config
    -- you can also add custom presets that you can enable/disable with enabled=true
    bottom_search = false, -- use a classic bottom cmdline for search
    command_palette = false, -- position the cmdline and popupmenu together
    long_message_to_split = false, -- long messages will be sent to a split
    inc_rename = false, -- enables an input dialog for inc-rename.nvim
    lsp_doc_border = false, -- add a border to hover docs and signature help
  throttle = 1000 / 30, -- how frequently does Noice need to check for ui updates? This has no effect when in blocking mode.
  ---@type NoiceConfigViews
  views = {}, ---@see section on views
  ---@type NoiceRouteConfig[]
  routes = {}, --- @see section on routes
  ---@type table<string, NoiceFilter>
  status = {}, --- @see section on statusline components
  ---@type NoiceFormatOptions
  format = {}, --- @see section on formatting
    cmdline = {
      format = {
        cmdline = { icon = ">" },
        search_down = { icon = "🔍⌄" },
        search_up = { icon = "🔍⌃" },
        filter = { icon = "$" },
        lua = { icon = "☾" },
        help = { icon = "?" },

🔍 Filters

Noice uses filters to route messages to specific views.

Name Type Description
any filter[] checks that at least one of the filters matches
blocking boolean are we in blocking mode?
cleared boolean checks if the message is cleared, meaning it's in the history
cmdline boolean or string checks if the message was generated by executing a cmdline. When string, then it is used as a pattern
error boolean all error-like kinds from ext_messages
event string or string[] any of the events from ext_messages or cmdline. See :h ui-messages
find string uses lua string.find to match the pattern
has boolean checks if the message is exists, meaning it's in the history
kind string or string[] any of the kinds from ext_messages. See :h ui-messages
max_height number maximum height of the message
max_length number maximum length of the message (total width of all the lines)
max_width number maximum width of the message
min_height number minimum height of the message
min_length number minimum length of the message (total width of all the lines)
min_width number minimum width of the message
mode string checks if vim.api.nvim_get_mode() contains the given mode
not filter checks wether the filter matches or not
warning boolean all warning-like kinds from ext_messages
-- all messages over 10 lines, excluding echo and search_count
local filter = {
  event = "msg_show",
  min_height = 10,
  ["not"] = { kind = { "search_count", "echo" } },

🌅 Views

Noice comes with the following built-in backends:

A View (config.views) is a combination of a backend and options. Noice comes with the following built-in views with sane defaults:

View Backend Description
notify notify nvim-notify with level=nil, replace=false, merge=false
split split horizontal split
vsplit split vertical split
popup popup simple popup
mini mini minimal view, by default bottom right, right-aligned
cmdline popup bottom line, similar to the classic cmdline
cmdline_popup popup fancy cmdline popup, with different styles according to the cmdline mode
cmdline_output split split used by config.presets.cmdline_output_to_split
messages split split used for :messages
confirm popup popup used for confirm events
hover popup popup used for lsp signature help and hover
popupmenu special view with the options used to render the popupmenu when backend is nui

Please refer to noice.config.views to see the options. Any options passed to existing views in config.views, will override those options only. You can configure completely new views and use them in custom routes.

-- override the default split view to always enter the split when it opens
    views = {
        split = {
            enter = true

All built-in Noice views have the filetype noice

Nui Options

See the Nui documentation for Popup and Split.

  win_options = {
    winhighlight = {
      Normal = "NormalFloat",
      FloatBorder = "FloatBorder"

Notify Options

Option Type Default Description
title string "Notification" title to be used for the notification. Uses Message.title if available.
replace boolean false when true, messages routing to the same notify instance will replace existing messages instead of pushing a new notification every time
merge boolean false Merge messages into one Notification or create separate notifications
level number|string nil notification level. Uses Message.level if available.

Virtual Text Options

Right now there's only an option to set the hl_group used to render the virtual text.

🎨 Formatting

Formatting options can be specified with config.format. For a list of the defaults, please refer to config.format

Noice includes the following formatters:

  • level: message level with optional icon and hl_group per level
  • text: any text with optional hl_group
  • title: message title with optional hl_group
  • event: message event with optional hl_group
  • kind: message kind with optional hl_group
  • date: formatted date with optional date format string
  • message: message content itself with optional hl_group to override message highlights
  • confirm: only useful for confirm messages. Will format the choices as buttons.
  • cmdline: will render the cmdline in the message that generated the message.
  • progress: progress bar used by lsp progress
  • spinner: spinners used by lsp progress
  • data: render any custom data from Message.opts. Useful in combination with the opts passed to vim.notify

Formatters are used in format definitions. Noice includes the following built-in formats:

  -- default format
  default = { "{level} ", "{title} ", "{message}" },
  -- default format for vim.notify views
  notify = { "{message}" },
  -- default format for the history
  details = {
    "{level} ",
    "{date} ",
    { "{kind}", before = { ".", hl_group = "NoiceFormatKind" } },
    " ",
    "{title} ",
    "{cmdline} ",
  telescope = ..., -- formatter used to display telescope results
  telescope_preview = ..., -- formatter used to preview telescope results
  lsp_progress = ..., -- formatter used by lsp progress
  lsp_progress_done = ..., -- formatter used by lsp progress

Text before/after the formatter or in the before/after options, will only be rendered if the formatter itself rendered something.

The format view option, can be either a string (one of the built-in formats), or a table with a custom format definition.

To align text, you can use the align option for a view. Can be center, left or right.

🚗 Routes

A route has a filter, view and optional opts attribute.

  • view: one of the views (built-in or custom)
  • filter a filter for messages matching this route
  • opts: options for the view and the route

Route options can be any of the view options above, or one of:

Option Type Default Description
skip boolean false messages matching this filter will be skipped and not shown in any views
stop boolean true When false and a route matches the filter, then other routes can still process the message too. Useful if you want certain messages to be shown in multiple views.

Please refer to noice.config.routes for an overview of the default routes. Routes passed to setup() will be prepended to the default routes.

-- skip search_count messages instead of showing them as virtual text
  routes = {
      filter = { event = "msg_show", kind = "search_count" },
      opts = { skip = true },

-- always route any messages with more than 20 lines to the split view
  routes = {
      view = "split",
      filter = { event = "msg_show", min_height = 20 },

🚥 Statusline Components

Noice comes with the following statusline components:

  • ruler
  • message: last line of the last message (event=show_msg)
  • command: showcmd
  • mode: showmode (@recording messages)
  • search: search count messages

See noice.config.status for the default config.

You can add custom statusline components in setup under the status key.

Statusline components have the following methods:

  • get: gets the content of the message without highlights
  • get_hl: gets the content of the message with highlights
  • has: checks if the component is available
  sections = {
    lualine_x = {
        cond = require("noice").api.status.message.has,
        cond = require("noice").api.status.command.has,
        color = { fg = "#ff9e64" },
        cond = require("noice").api.status.mode.has,
        color = { fg = "#ff9e64" },
        cond = require("noice"),
        color = { fg = "#ff9e64" },

🔭 Telescope

In order to use Noice in Telescope, you can either do :Noice telescope, or register the extension and use :Telescope noice. The results panel is formatted using config.format.formatters.telescope. The preview is formatted with config.format.formatters.telescope_preview


🚀 Usage

  • :Noice or :Noice history shows the message history
  • :Noice last shows the last message in a popup
  • :Noice errors shows the error messages in a split. Last errors on top
  • :Noice disable disables Noice
  • :Noice enable enables Noice
  • :Noice stats shows debugging stats
  • :Noice telescope opens message history in Telescope

Alternatively, all commands also exist as a full name like :NoiceLast, :NoiceDisable.

You can also use Lua equivalents.

vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>nl", function()

vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>nh", function()

You can add custom commands with config.commands

↪️ Command Redirection

Sometimes it's useful to redirect the messages generated by a command or function to a different view. That can be easily achieved with command redirection.

The redirect API can taken an optional routes parameter, which defaults to {config.redirect}.

-- redirect ":hi"

-- redirect some function

Adding the following keymap, will redirect the active cmdline when pressing <S-Enter>. The cmdline stays open, so you can change the command and execute it again. When exiting the cmdline, the popup window will be focused.

vim.keymap.set("c", "<S-Enter>", function()
    end, { desc = "Redirect Cmdline" })

Lsp Hover Doc Scrolling

  vim.keymap.set("n", "<c-f>", function()
    if not require("noice.lsp").scroll(4) then
      return "<c-f>"
  end, { silent = true, expr = true })

  vim.keymap.set("n", "<c-b>", function()
    if not require("noice.lsp").scroll(-4) then
      return "<c-b>"
  end, { silent = true, expr = true })

🌈 Highlight Groups

Highlight Group Default Group Description
NoiceCmdline MsgArea Normal for the classic cmdline area at the bottom"
NoiceCmdlineIcon DiagnosticSignInfo Cmdline icon
NoiceCmdlineIconCmdline NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconFilter NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconHelp NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconIncRename NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconInput NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconLua NoiceCmdlineIcon
NoiceCmdlineIconSearch DiagnosticSignWarn Cmdline search icon (/ and ?)
NoiceCmdlinePopup Normal Normal for the cmdline popup
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder DiagnosticSignInfo Cmdline popup border
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderCmdline NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderFilter NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderHelp NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderIncRename NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderInput NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderLua NoiceCmdlinePopupBorder
NoiceCmdlinePopupBorderSearch DiagnosticSignWarn Cmdline popup border for search
NoiceCmdlinePrompt Title prompt for input()
NoiceCompletionItemKindClass NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindColor NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindConstant NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindConstructor NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault Special
NoiceCompletionItemKindEnum NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindEnumMember NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindField NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindFile NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindFolder NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindFunction NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindInterface NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindKeyword NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindMethod NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindModule NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindProperty NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindSnippet NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindStruct NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindText NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindUnit NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindValue NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemKindVariable NoiceCompletionItemKindDefault
NoiceCompletionItemMenu none Normal for the popupmenu
NoiceCompletionItemWord none Normal for the popupmenu
NoiceConfirm Normal Normal for the confirm view
NoiceConfirmBorder DiagnosticSignInfo Border for the confirm view
NoiceCursor Cursor Fake Cursor
NoiceFormatConfirm CursorLine
NoiceFormatConfirmDefault Visual
NoiceFormatDate Special
NoiceFormatEvent NonText
NoiceFormatKind NonText
NoiceFormatLevelDebug NonText
NoiceFormatLevelError DiagnosticVirtualTextError
NoiceFormatLevelInfo DiagnosticVirtualTextInfo
NoiceFormatLevelOff NonText
NoiceFormatLevelTrace NonText
NoiceFormatLevelWarn DiagnosticVirtualTextWarn
NoiceFormatProgressDone Search Progress bar done
NoiceFormatProgressTodo CursorLine progress bar todo
NoiceFormatTitle Title
NoiceLspProgressClient Title Lsp progress client name
NoiceLspProgressSpinner Constant Lsp progress spinner
NoiceLspProgressTitle NonText Lsp progress title
NoiceMini MsgArea Normal for mini view
NoicePopup NormalFloat Normal for popup views
NoicePopupBorder FloatBorder Border for popup views
NoicePopupmenu Pmenu Normal for the popupmenu
NoicePopupmenuBorder FloatBorder Popupmenu border
NoicePopupmenuMatch Special Part of the item that matches the input
NoicePopupmenuSelected PmenuSel Selected item in the popupmenu
NoiceScrollbar PmenuSbar Normal for scrollbar
NoiceScrollbarThumb PmenuThumb Scrollbar thumb
NoiceSplit NormalFloat Normal for split views
NoiceSplitBorder FloatBorder Border for split views
NoiceVirtualText DiagnosticVirtualTextInfo Default hl group for virtualtext views