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Standalone UI for nvim-lsp progress. Eye candy for the impatient.

fidget.nvim demo


The goals of this plugin are:

  • to provide a UI for nvim-lsp's progress handler.
  • to be easy to configure
  • to stay out of the way of other plugins (in particular status lines)

The language server protocol (LSP) defines an endpoint for servers to report their progress while performing work. This endpoint is supported by Neovim's builtin LSP client, but only a handful of plugins (that I'm aware of) make use of this feature. Those that do typically report progress in the status line, where space is at a premium and the layout is not well-suited to display the progress of concurrent tasks coming from multiple LSP servers. This approach also made status line configuration more complicated.

I wanted be able to see the progress reported by LSP servers without involving the status line. Who doesn't love a little bit of eye candy?


Having a working nvim-lsp setup is not technically necessary to setup the plugin, but it won't do anything without a source of progress notifications.

For an up-to-date list of LSP servers this plugin is known to work with, see this pinned issue.


Install this plugin using your favorite plugin manager. For example, using vim-plug:

Plug 'j-hui/fidget.nvim'

Make sure the plugin installed (e.g., run :PlugInstall if using vim-plug). After the plugin is loaded (e.g., after plug#end() for vim-plug), call its setup function (in Lua):


See the documentation for configuration options.

Acknowledgements and Alternatives

This plugin takes inspiration and borrows code from arkav/lualine-lsp-progress.

Fidget spinner designs were adapted from the npm package sindresorhus/cli-spinners.

nvim-lua/lsp-status.nvim also supports showing progress text, though it requires some configuration to integrate that into their status line.

neoclide/coc.nvim provides a nice LSP progress UI in the status line, which first inspired my desire to have this feature for nvim-lsp.