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  use 'nvim-lua/completion-nvim'


require "paq" { 

WARNING: completion.nvim is no longer maintained

If you are looking for an autocompletion plugin, the neovim LSP team recommends either nvim-cmp or coq_nvim.

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completion-nvim is an auto completion framework that aims to provide a better completion experience with neovim's built-in LSP. Other LSP functionality is not supported.


  • Asynchronous completion using the libuv api.
  • Automatically open hover windows when popupmenu is available.
  • Automatically open signature help if it's available.
  • Snippets integration with UltiSnips, Neosnippet, vim-vsnip, and snippets.nvim.
  • Apply additionalTextEdits in LSP spec if it's available.
  • Chain completion support inspired by vim-mucomplete


Demo using sumneko_lua


  • Neovim nightly
  • You should set up your language server of choice with the help of nvim-lspconfig


  • Install with any plugin manager by using the path on GitHub.
Plug 'nvim-lua/completion-nvim'


  • completion-nvim requires several autocommands set up to work properly. You should set it up using the on_attach function like this.
lua require'lspconfig'.pyls.setup{on_attach=require'completion'.on_attach}
  • Change pyls to whichever language server you're using.
  • If you want completion-nvim to be set up for all buffers instead of only being used when lsp is enabled, call the on_attach function directly:
" Use completion-nvim in every buffer
autocmd BufEnter * lua require'completion'.on_attach()

NOTE It's okay to set up completion-nvim without lsp. It will simply use another completion source instead(Ex: snippets).

Supported Completion Source


" Use <Tab> and <S-Tab> to navigate through popup menu
inoremap <expr> <Tab>   pumvisible() ? "\<C-n>" : "\<Tab>"
inoremap <expr> <S-Tab> pumvisible() ? "\<C-p>" : "\<S-Tab>"

" Set completeopt to have a better completion experience
set completeopt=menuone,noinsert,noselect

" Avoid showing message extra message when using completion
set shortmess+=c

Enable/Disable auto popup

  • By default auto popup is enabled, turn it off by
let g:completion_enable_auto_popup = 0
  • Or you can toggle auto popup on the fly by using command CompletionToggle
  • You can manually trigger completion with mapping key by
"map <c-p> to manually trigger completion
imap <silent> <c-p> <Plug>(completion_trigger)
  • Or you want to use <Tab> as trigger keys
imap <tab> <Plug>(completion_smart_tab)
imap <s-tab> <Plug>(completion_smart_s_tab)

Enable Snippets Support

  • By default other snippets source support are disabled, turn them on by
" possible value: 'UltiSnips', 'Neosnippet', 'vim-vsnip', 'snippets.nvim'
let g:completion_enable_snippet = 'UltiSnips'
  • Supports UltiSnips, Neosnippet, vim-vsnip and snippets.nvim

LSP Based Snippet parsing

  • Some language server have snippet support but neovim couldn't handle that for now, completion-nvim can integrate with other LSP snippet parsing plugin for this support.

Right now, vim-vsnip (requiring vim-vsnip-integ) and snippets.nvim are supported.

Chain Completion Support

  • completion-nvim supports chain completion, which use other completion sources and ins-completion as a fallback for lsp completion.

  • See wiki for details on how to set this up.

Changing Completion Confirm key

  • By default <CR> is used to confirm completion and expand snippets, change it by
let g:completion_confirm_key = "\<C-y>"
  • Make sure to use " " and add escape key \ to avoid parsing issues.
  • If the confirm key has a fallback mapping, for example when using the auto pairs plugin, it maps to <CR>. You can avoid using the default confirm key option and use a mapping like this instead.
let g:completion_confirm_key = ""
imap <expr> <cr>  pumvisible() ? complete_info()["selected"] != "-1" ?
                 \ "\<Plug>(completion_confirm_completion)"  : "\<c-e>\<CR>" :  "\<CR>"

Enable/Disable auto hover

  • By default when navigating through completion items, LSP's hover is automatically called and displays in a floating window. Disable it by
let g:completion_enable_auto_hover = 0

Enable/Disable auto signature

  • By default signature help opens automatically whenever it's available. Disable it by
let g:completion_enable_auto_signature = 0

Sorting completion items

  • You can decide how your items being sorted in the popup menu. The default value is "alphabet", change it by

    " possible value: "length", "alphabet", "none"
    let g:completion_sorting = "length"
  • If you don't want any sorting, you can set this value to "none".

Matching Strategy

  • There are three different kind of matching technique implement in completion-nvim: substring, fuzzy, exact or all.

  • You can specify a list of matching strategy, completion-nvim will loop through the list and assign priority from high to low. For example

let g:completion_matching_strategy_list = ['exact', 'substring', 'fuzzy', 'all']

NOTE Fuzzy match highly dependent on what language server you're using. It might not work as you expect on some language server.

  • You can also enable ignore case matching by
    g:completion_matching_ignore_case = 1
  • Or smart case matching by
    g:completion_matching_smart_case = 1

Trigger Characters

  • By default, completion-nvim respect the trigger character of your language server, if you want more trigger characters, add it by
let g:completion_trigger_character = ['.', '::']

NOTE use :lua print(vim.inspect(vim.lsp.buf_get_clients()[1].server_capabilities.completionProvider.triggerCharacters)) to see the trigger character of your language server.

  • If you want different trigger character for different languages, wrap it in an autocommand like
augroup CompletionTriggerCharacter
    autocmd BufEnter * let g:completion_trigger_character = ['.']
    autocmd BufEnter *.c,*.cpp let g:completion_trigger_character = ['.', '::']
augroup end

Trigger keyword length

  • You can specify keyword length for triggering completion, if the current word is less then keyword length, completion won't be triggered.
let g:completion_trigger_keyword_length = 3 " default = 1

NOTE completion-nvim will ignore keyword length if you're on trigger character.

Trigger on delete

  • completion-nvim doesn't trigger completion on delete by default because sometimes I've found it annoying. However, you can enable it by
let g:completion_trigger_on_delete = 1

Timer Adjustment

  • completion-nvim uses a timer to control the rate of completion. You can adjust the timer rate by
let g:completion_timer_cycle = 200 "default value is 80

Per Server Setup

Trouble Shooting

  • This plugin is in the early stages and might have unexpected issues. Please follow wiki for trouble shooting.
  • Feel free to post issues on any unexpected behavior or open a feature request!