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8 days ago


A colorscheme for Neovim. Pleasant and productive, with stronger highlights on important keywords. Filled with honey.

Made with lush.nvim.


code telescope startify light_code

Styled plugins


When installing, lush is required (for now). Example with packer.nvim:

    requires = { 'rktjmp/lush.nvim' },
    config = function()
        require'mellifluous'.setup({ --[[...]] }) -- optional, see configuration section.
        vim.cmd('colorscheme mellifluous')


Here is an example with the default config, change it as you like. If you like the defaults, there is no need to call setup.

require 'mellifluous'.setup({
    dim_inactive = false,
    color_set = 'mellifluous',
    styles = {
        comments = 'italic',
        conditionals = 'NONE',
        folds = 'NONE',
        loops = 'NONE',
        functions = 'NONE',
        keywords = 'NONE',
        strings = 'NONE',
        variables = 'NONE',
        numbers = 'NONE',
        booleans = 'NONE',
        properties = 'NONE',
        types = 'NONE',
        operators = 'NONE',
    transparent_background = {
        enabled = false,
        floating_windows = false,
        telescope = true,
        file_tree = true,
        cursor_line = true,
        status_line = false,
    plugins = {
        cmp = true,
        gitsigns = true
        indent_blankline = true,
        nvim_tree = {
            enabled = true,
            show_root = false,
        telescope = {
            enabled = true,
            nvchad_like = true,
        startify = true,

Mixing styles

Set style value to 'style1 style2', for bold and italic it would be 'bold italic'.

Setting light theme

Set vim.opt.background to 'light'. This will only work on color sets that have light theme.

Color sets

Color sets are like different colorschemes, but they use the same highlight rules, so in this case, I find it more accurate to call them color sets.

I added alduin and mountain color sets (both non-original) mostly for nostalgia, these are my two most favorite colorschemes after mellifluous and I've been using each of them for about a year before creating mellifluous.

Non-original color sets are made to match their original version as closely as possible with the same highlight rules as mellifluous.

These color sets don't get loaded, unless you specify them in a color_set option, so there is no performance impact.

Available color sets:

Color set specific config options


default config:

require 'mellifluous'.setup({
    mellifluous = {
      neutral = true, -- set this to false and bg_contrast to 'medium' for original mellifluous (then it was called meliora theme)
      bg_contrast = 'medium' -- options: 'soft', 'medium', 'hard'

CLI options

Type :Mellifluous <TAB> and see the available options.

Options include:

  • Toggling transparency.
  • Changing color set.


  • Add color set specific options.
  • Add vimdocs
  • Add guidelines for how to create your own theme with the same highlight rules.
  • Support more plugins (contributions are welcome).