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27 days ago


Space Age seD in neovim. A project wide find and replace plugin with sad & fzf

This plug is a wrapper for sad by ms-jqd

You need

  • install sad
  • fzf so you can confirm/select the matches to apply your changes
  • by default the plugin using fd to list all files in the current folder, you can use git ls_file
  • a pager tool, e.g. delta



Plug 'ray-x/guihua.lua'  "lua GUI lib
Plug 'ray-x/sad.nvim'


  diff = 'delta', -- you can use `diff`, `diff-so-fancy`
  ls_file = 'fd', -- also git ls_file
  exact = false, -- exact match
  vsplit = true, -- split sad window the screen vertically, when set to number
  -- it is a threadhold when window is larger than the threshold sad will split vertically,
  height_ratio = 0.6, -- height ratio of sad window when split horizontally
  width_ratio = 0.6, -- height ratio of sad window when split vertically



  • If you put your cursor on the word want to replace or visual select the word you want to replace, simply run

You will be prompt to input new word to be replace

  • replace all oldtext to newtext for all project files
:Sad oldtext newtext
  • add file filter, e.g lua files
:Sad oldtext newtext lua
  • The lua way, you can add key map

-- replace old with new
lua require'sad'.replace('old', 'new')

-- or replace old with input for 'md' files
lua require'sad'.replace('old', nil, 'md')

-- or replace expand('<word>') or visual select with 'new' for md files
lua require'sad'.replace(nil, 'new', 'md')

-- or replace expand('<word>') or visual select with your input for md files
lua require'sad'.replace(nil, nil, 'md')

confirm or cancel

  • <Tab> To toggle the individual item in the replacement list
  • <CR> to confirm and apply all the replacement
  • <Esc> to cancel all changes
  • <Ctrl-a> toggle select all


  • vim&neovim: far.vim a vim plugin with python & vimscript

  • neovim: nvim-spectre Lua plugin, find with rg and replace with sed

    and most importantly, with realtime preview