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Single tabpage interface for easily cycling through diffs for all modified files for any git rev.



Vim's diff mode is pretty good, but there is no convenient way to quickly bring up all modified files in a diffsplit. This plugin aims to provide a simple, unified, single tabpage interface that lets you easily review all changed files for any git rev.



Install the plugin with your package manager of choice.

" Plug
Plug 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'
Plug 'sindrets/diffview.nvim'
-- Packer
use { 'sindrets/diffview.nvim', requires = 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim' }

Merge Tool

merge tool showcase

Opening a diff view during a merge or a rebase will list the conflicted files in their own section. When opening a conflicted file, it will open in a 3-way diff allowing you to resolve the merge conflicts with the context of the target branch's version, as well as the version from the branch which is being merged.

The 3-way diff is only the default layout for merge conflicts. There are multiple variations on this layout, a 4-way diff layout, and a single window layout available.

In addition to the normal :h copy-diffs mappings, there are default mappings provided for jumping between conflict markers, obtaining a hunk directly from any of the diff buffers, and accepting any one, all, or none of the versions of a file given by a conflict region.

For more information on the merge tool, mappings, layouts and how to configure them, see:

  • :h diffview-merge-tool
  • :h diffview-config-view.x.layout

File History

file history showcase

The file history view allows you to list all the commits that affected a given set of paths, and view the changes made in a diff split. This is a porcelain interface for git-log, and supports a good number of its options. Things like:

  • Filtering commits by grepping commit messages and commit authors.
  • Tracing the line evolution of a given set of line ranges for multiple files.
  • Only listing changes for a specific commit range, branch, or tag.
  • Following file changes through renames.

Get started by opening file history for:

  • The current branch: :DiffviewFileHistory
  • The current file: :DiffviewFileHistory %

For more info, see :h :DiffviewFileHistory.


:DiffviewOpen [git rev] [options] [ -- {paths...}]

Calling :DiffviewOpen with no args opens a new Diffview that compares against the current index. You can also provide any valid git rev to view only changes for that rev.


  • :DiffviewOpen
  • :DiffviewOpen HEAD~2
  • :DiffviewOpen HEAD~4..HEAD~2
  • :DiffviewOpen d4a7b0d
  • :DiffviewOpen d4a7b0d^!
  • :DiffviewOpen d4a7b0d..519b30e
  • :DiffviewOpen origin/main...HEAD

You can also provide additional paths to narrow down what files are shown:

  • :DiffviewOpen HEAD~2 -- lua/diffview plugin

For information about additional [options], visit the documentation.

Additional commands for convenience:

  • :DiffviewClose: Close the current diffview. You can also use :tabclose.
  • :DiffviewToggleFiles: Toggle the file panel.
  • :DiffviewFocusFiles: Bring focus to the file panel.
  • :DiffviewRefresh: Update stats and entries in the file list of the current Diffview.

With a Diffview open and the default key bindings, you can cycle through changed files with <tab> and <s-tab> (see configuration to change the key bindings).

:[range]DiffviewFileHistory [paths] [options]

Opens a new file history view that lists all commits that affected the given paths. This is a porcelain interface for git-log. Both [paths] and [options] may be specified in any order, even interchangeably.

If no [paths] are given, defaults to the top-level of the working tree. The top-level will be inferred from the current buffer when possible, otherwise the cwd is used. Multiple [paths] may be provided and git pathspec is supported.

If [range] is given, the file history view will trace the line evolution of the given range in the current file (for more info, see the -L flag in the docs).


  • :DiffviewFileHistory
  • :DiffviewFileHistory %
  • :DiffviewFileHistory path/to/some/file.txt
  • :DiffviewFileHistory path/to/some/directory
  • :DiffviewFileHistory include/this and/this :!but/not/this
  • :DiffviewFileHistory --range=origin..HEAD
  • :DiffviewFileHistory --range=feat/example-branch
  • :'<,'>DiffviewFileHistory


-- Lua
local actions = require("diffview.actions")

  diff_binaries = false,    -- Show diffs for binaries
  enhanced_diff_hl = false, -- See ':h diffview-config-enhanced_diff_hl'
  git_cmd = { "git" },      -- The git executable followed by default args.
  use_icons = true,         -- Requires nvim-web-devicons
  watch_index = true,       -- Update views and index buffers when the git index changes.
  icons = {                 -- Only applies when use_icons is true.
    folder_closed = "",
    folder_open = "",
  signs = {
    fold_closed = "",
    fold_open = "",
    done = "✓",
  view = {
    -- Configure the layout and behavior of different types of views.
    -- Available layouts: 
    --  'diff1_plain'
    --    |'diff2_horizontal'
    --    |'diff2_vertical'
    --    |'diff3_horizontal'
    --    |'diff3_vertical'
    --    |'diff3_mixed'
    --    |'diff4_mixed'
    -- For more info, see ':h diffview-config-view.x.layout'.
    default = {
      -- Config for changed files, and staged files in diff views.
      layout = "diff2_horizontal",
    merge_tool = {
      -- Config for conflicted files in diff views during a merge or rebase.
      layout = "diff3_horizontal",
      disable_diagnostics = true,   -- Temporarily disable diagnostics for conflict buffers while in the view.
    file_history = {
      -- Config for changed files in file history views.
      layout = "diff2_horizontal",
  file_panel = {
    listing_style = "tree",             -- One of 'list' or 'tree'
    tree_options = {                    -- Only applies when listing_style is 'tree'
      flatten_dirs = true,              -- Flatten dirs that only contain one single dir
      folder_statuses = "only_folded",  -- One of 'never', 'only_folded' or 'always'.
    win_config = {                      -- See ':h diffview-config-win_config'
      position = "left",
      width = 35,
      win_opts = {}
  file_history_panel = {
    log_options = {   -- See ':h diffview-config-log_options'
      single_file = {
        diff_merges = "combined",
      multi_file = {
        diff_merges = "first-parent",
    win_config = {    -- See ':h diffview-config-win_config'
      position = "bottom",
      height = 16,
      win_opts = {}
  commit_log_panel = {
    win_config = {   -- See ':h diffview-config-win_config'
      win_opts = {},
  default_args = {    -- Default args prepended to the arg-list for the listed commands
    DiffviewOpen = {},
    DiffviewFileHistory = {},
  hooks = {},         -- See ':h diffview-config-hooks'
  keymaps = {
    disable_defaults = false, -- Disable the default keymaps
    view = {
      -- The `view` bindings are active in the diff buffers, only when the current
      -- tabpage is a Diffview.
      ["<tab>"]      = actions.select_next_entry,         -- Open the diff for the next file
      ["<s-tab>"]    = actions.select_prev_entry,         -- Open the diff for the previous file
      ["gf"]         = actions.goto_file,                 -- Open the file in a new split in the previous tabpage
      ["<C-w><C-f>"] = actions.goto_file_split,           -- Open the file in a new split
      ["<C-w>gf"]    = actions.goto_file_tab,             -- Open the file in a new tabpage
      ["<leader>e"]  = actions.focus_files,               -- Bring focus to the file panel
      ["<leader>b"]  = actions.toggle_files,              -- Toggle the file panel.
      ["g<C-x>"]     = actions.cycle_layout,              -- Cycle through available layouts.
      ["[x"]         = actions.prev_conflict,             -- In the merge_tool: jump to the previous conflict
      ["]x"]         = actions.next_conflict,             -- In the merge_tool: jump to the next conflict
      ["<leader>co"] = actions.conflict_choose("ours"),   -- Choose the OURS version of a conflict
      ["<leader>ct"] = actions.conflict_choose("theirs"), -- Choose the THEIRS version of a conflict
      ["<leader>cb"] = actions.conflict_choose("base"),   -- Choose the BASE version of a conflict
      ["<leader>ca"] = actions.conflict_choose("all"),    -- Choose all the versions of a conflict
      ["dx"]         = actions.conflict_choose("none"),   -- Delete the conflict region
    diff1 = { --[[ Mappings in single window diff layouts ]] },
    diff2 = { --[[ Mappings in 2-way diff layouts ]] },
    diff3 = {
      -- Mappings in 3-way diff layouts
      { { "n", "x" }, "2do", actions.diffget("ours") },   -- Obtain the diff hunk from the OURS version of the file
      { { "n", "x" }, "3do", actions.diffget("theirs") }, -- Obtain the diff hunk from the THEIRS version of the file
    diff4 = {
      -- Mappings in 4-way diff layouts
      { { "n", "x" }, "1do", actions.diffget("base") },   -- Obtain the diff hunk from the BASE version of the file
      { { "n", "x" }, "2do", actions.diffget("ours") },   -- Obtain the diff hunk from the OURS version of the file
      { { "n", "x" }, "3do", actions.diffget("theirs") }, -- Obtain the diff hunk from the THEIRS version of the file
    file_panel = {
      ["j"]             = actions.next_entry,         -- Bring the cursor to the next file entry
      ["<down>"]        = actions.next_entry,
      ["k"]             = actions.prev_entry,         -- Bring the cursor to the previous file entry.
      ["<up>"]          = actions.prev_entry,
      ["<cr>"]          = actions.select_entry,       -- Open the diff for the selected entry.
      ["o"]             = actions.select_entry,
      ["<2-LeftMouse>"] = actions.select_entry,
      ["-"]             = actions.toggle_stage_entry, -- Stage / unstage the selected entry.
      ["S"]             = actions.stage_all,          -- Stage all entries.
      ["U"]             = actions.unstage_all,        -- Unstage all entries.
      ["X"]             = actions.restore_entry,      -- Restore entry to the state on the left side.
      ["L"]             = actions.open_commit_log,    -- Open the commit log panel.
      ["<c-b>"]         = actions.scroll_view(-0.25), -- Scroll the view up
      ["<c-f>"]         = actions.scroll_view(0.25),  -- Scroll the view down
      ["<tab>"]         = actions.select_next_entry,
      ["<s-tab>"]       = actions.select_prev_entry,
      ["gf"]            = actions.goto_file,
      ["<C-w><C-f>"]    = actions.goto_file_split,
      ["<C-w>gf"]       = actions.goto_file_tab,
      ["i"]             = actions.listing_style,        -- Toggle between 'list' and 'tree' views
      ["f"]             = actions.toggle_flatten_dirs,  -- Flatten empty subdirectories in tree listing style.
      ["R"]             = actions.refresh_files,        -- Update stats and entries in the file list.
      ["<leader>e"]     = actions.focus_files,
      ["<leader>b"]     = actions.toggle_files,
      ["g<C-x>"]        = actions.cycle_layout,
      ["[x"]            = actions.prev_conflict,
      ["]x"]            = actions.next_conflict,
    file_history_panel = {
      ["g!"]            = actions.options,          -- Open the option panel
      ["<C-A-d>"]       = actions.open_in_diffview, -- Open the entry under the cursor in a diffview
      ["y"]             = actions.copy_hash,        -- Copy the commit hash of the entry under the cursor
      ["L"]             = actions.open_commit_log,
      ["zR"]            = actions.open_all_folds,
      ["zM"]            = actions.close_all_folds,
      ["j"]             = actions.next_entry,
      ["<down>"]        = actions.next_entry,
      ["k"]             = actions.prev_entry,
      ["<up>"]          = actions.prev_entry,
      ["<cr>"]          = actions.select_entry,
      ["o"]             = actions.select_entry,
      ["<2-LeftMouse>"] = actions.select_entry,
      ["<c-b>"]         = actions.scroll_view(-0.25),
      ["<c-f>"]         = actions.scroll_view(0.25),
      ["<tab>"]         = actions.select_next_entry,
      ["<s-tab>"]       = actions.select_prev_entry,
      ["gf"]            = actions.goto_file,
      ["<C-w><C-f>"]    = actions.goto_file_split,
      ["<C-w>gf"]       = actions.goto_file_tab,
      ["<leader>e"]     = actions.focus_files,
      ["<leader>b"]     = actions.toggle_files,
      ["g<C-x>"]        = actions.cycle_layout,
    option_panel = {
      ["<tab>"] = actions.select_entry,
      ["q"]     = actions.close,


The hooks table allows you to define callbacks for various events emitted from Diffview. The available hooks are documented in detail in :h diffview-config-hooks. The hook events are also available as User autocommands. See :h diffview-user-autocmds for more details.


hooks = {
  diff_buf_read = function(bufnr)
    -- Change local options in diff buffers
    vim.opt_local.wrap = false
    vim.opt_local.list = false
    vim.opt_local.colorcolumn = { 80 }
  view_opened = function(view)
      ("A new %s was opened on tab page %d!")
      :format(view:class():name(), view.tabpage)


The keymaps config is structured as a table with sub-tables for various different contexts where mappings can be declared. In these sub-tables key-value pairs are treated as the {lhs} and {rhs} of a normal mode mapping. These mappings all use the :map-arguments silent, nowait, and noremap. The implementation uses vim.keymap.set(), so the {rhs} can be either a vim command in the form of a string, or it can be a lua function:

  view = {
    -- Vim command:
    ["a"] = "<Cmd>echom 'foo'<CR>",
    -- Lua function:
    ["b"] = function() print("bar") end,

To disable any single mapping without disabling them all, set its value to false:

  view = {
    -- Disable the default mapping for <tab>:
    ["<tab>"] = false,

Most of the mapped file panel actions also work from the view if they are added to the view maps (and vice versa). The exception is for actions that only really make sense specifically in the file panel, such as next_entry, prev_entry. Actions such as toggle_stage_entry and restore_entry work just fine from the view. When invoked from the view, these will target the file currently open in the view rather than the file under the cursor in the file panel.

For more details on how to set mappings for other modes, actions, and more see:

  • :h diffview-config-keymaps
  • :h diffview-actions

Restoring Files

If the right side of the diff is showing the local state of a file, you can restore the file to the state from the left side of the diff (key binding X from the file panel by default). The current state of the file is stored in the git object database, and a command is echoed that shows how to undo the change.

Tips and FAQ

  • Hide untracked files:
    • DiffviewOpen -uno
  • Exclude certain paths:
    • DiffviewOpen -- :!exclude/this :!and/this
  • Run as if git was started in a specific directory:
    • DiffviewOpen -C/foo/bar/baz
  • Diff the index against a git rev:
    • DiffviewOpen HEAD~2 --cached
    • Defaults to HEAD if no rev is given.
  • Q: How do I get the diagonal lines in place of deleted lines in diff-mode?
    • A: Change your :h 'fillchars':
      • (vimscript): set fillchars+=diff:╱
    • Note: whether or not the diagonal lines will line up nicely will depend on your terminal emulator. The terminal used in the screenshots is Kitty.