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  use 'tanvirtin/vgit.nvim'


require "paq" { 

VGit :zap:

Highlighted Features

  • Gutter changes annotation to highlight any local (unpublished) changes or lines changed by the most recent commit
  • Current line blame as virtual text
  • See the details of a blame related to the current line (:VGit buffer_blame_preview)
  • See the blames of a buffer in a VGit preview (:VGit buffer_gutter_blame_preview)
  • See all hunks in a VGit preview (:VGit buffer_hunk_preview)
  • See the buffer changes in a VGit preview (:VGit buffer_diff_preview)
  • See the buffer changes that were staged in a VGit preview (:VGit buffer_staged_diff_preview)
  • See all the history of a buffer in a VGit preview (:VGit buffer_history)
  • See changes in your project in a VGit diff preview (:VGit project_diff_preview)
  • See changes in your project in a quickfix list (:VGit project_hunks_qf)
  • Enhance your workflow by using VGit's buffer navigation :VGit hunk_up and :VGit hunk_down that can be used on any VGit previews with changes.

If you have Telescope feel free to run :VGit actions to quickly checkout your execution options.

Supported Neovim Versions:

  • Neovim >= 0.5

Supported Opperating System:

  • linux-gnu*
  • Darwin


  • vim.o.updatetime = 100 (see :help updatetime).
  • vim.wo.signcolumn = 'yes' (see :help signcolumn)


Default installation via Packer.

use {
  requires = {

Lazy loading via Packer.

    event = 'BufWinEnter',
    requires = {
    config = function()


You must instantiate the plugin in order for the features to work.


To embed the above code snippet in a .vim file wrap it in lua << EOF code-snippet EOF:

lua << EOF


Predefined supported themes:

Colorscheme definitions can be found in lua/vgit/themes/, feel free to open a pull request with your own colorscheme!


Predefined supported layouts:

  • default (Full screen previews)

Layout definitions can be found in lua/vgit/layouts/, feel free to open a pull request with your own layout!


Function Name Description
setup Sets up the plugin for success
toggle_buffer_hunks Shows hunk signs on buffers/Hides hunk signs on buffers
toggle_buffer_blames Enables blames feature on buffers/Disables blames feature on buffers
toggle_diff_preference Switches between "horizontal" and "vertical" layout for previews
buffer_stage Stages a buffer you are currently on
buffer_unstage Unstages a buffer you are currently on
buffer_diff_preview Opens a diff preview of the changes in the current buffer
buffer_staged_diff_preview Shows staged changes in a preview window
buffer_hunk_preview Gives you a view through which you can navigate and see the current hunk or other hunks
buffer_history_preview Opens a buffer preview along with a table of logs, enabling users to see different iterations of the buffer in the git history
buffer_blame_preview Opens a preview detailing the blame of the line that the user is currently on
buffer_gutter_blame_preview Opens a preview which shows the blames related to all the lines of a buffer
buffer_reset Resets the current buffer to HEAD
buffer_hunk_stage Stages a hunk, if cursor is over it
buffer_hunk_reset Removes the hunk from the buffer, if cursor is over it
project_hunks_qf Opens a populated quickfix window with all the hunks of the project
project_diff_preview Opens a preview listing all the files that have been changed
hunk_down Navigate downward through a hunk, this works on any view with diff highlights
hunk_up Navigate upwards through a hunk, this works on any view with diff highlights
get_diff_base Returns the current diff base that all diff and hunks are being compared for all buffers
get_diff_preference Returns the current diff preference of the diff, the value will either be "horizontal" or "vertical"
get_diff_strategy Returns the current diff strategy used to compute hunk signs and buffer preview, the value will either be "remote" or "index"
set_diff_base Sets the current diff base to a different commit, going forward all future hunks and diffs for a given buffer will be against this commit
set_diff_strategy Sets the diff strategy that will be used to show hunk signs and buffer preview, the value can only be "remote" or "index"
show_debug_logs Shows all errors that has occured during program execution

Advanced Setup

local vgit = require('vgit')
local utils = require('vgit.utils')

    debug = false, -- Only enable this to trace issues related to the app,
    keymaps = {
        ['n <C-k>'] = 'hunk_up',
        ['n <C-j>'] = 'hunk_down',
        ['n <leader>g'] = 'actions',
        ['n <leader>gs'] = 'buffer_hunk_stage',
        ['n <leader>gr'] = 'buffer_hunk_reset',
        ['n <leader>gp'] = 'buffer_hunk_preview',
        ['n <leader>gb'] = 'buffer_blame_preview',
        ['n <leader>gf'] = 'buffer_diff_preview',
        ['n <leader>gh'] = 'buffer_history_preview',
        ['n <leader>gu'] = 'buffer_reset',
        ['n <leader>gg'] = 'buffer_gutter_blame_preview',
        ['n <leader>gd'] = 'project_diff_preview',
        ['n <leader>gq'] = 'project',
        ['n <leader>gx'] = 'toggle_diff_preference',
    controller = {
        hunks_enabled = true,
        blames_enabled = true,
        diff_strategy = 'index',
        diff_preference = 'horizontal',
        predict_hunk_signs = true,
        predict_hunk_throttle_ms = 300,
        predict_hunk_max_lines = 50000,
        blame_line_throttle_ms = 150,
        action_delay_ms = 300,
    hls = vgit.themes.tokyonight,
    sign = {
        VGitViewSignAdd = {
            name = 'DiffAdd',
            line_hl = 'DiffAdd',
            text_hl = nil,
            num_hl = nil,
            icon = nil,
            text = '',
        VGitViewSignRemove = {
            name = 'DiffDelete',
            line_hl = 'DiffDelete',
            text_hl = nil,
            num_hl = nil,
            icon = nil,
            text = '',
        VGitSignAdd = {
            name = 'VGitSignAdd',
            text_hl = 'VGitSignAdd',
            num_hl = nil,
            icon = nil,
            line_hl = nil,
            text = '┃',
        VGitSignRemove = {
            name = 'VGitSignRemove',
            text_hl = 'VGitSignRemove',
            num_hl = nil,
            icon = nil,
            line_hl = nil,
            text = '┃',
        VGitSignChange = {
            name = 'VGitSignChange',
            text_hl = 'VGitSignChange',
            num_hl = nil,
            icon = nil,
            line_hl = nil,
            text = '┃',
    render = {
        layout = vgit.layouts.default,
        sign = {
            priority = 10,
            hls = {
                add = 'VGitSignAdd',
                remove = 'VGitSignRemove',
                change = 'VGitSignChange',
        line_blame = {
            hl = 'Comment',
            format = function(blame, git_config)
                local config_author = git_config['user.name']
                local author = blame.author
                if config_author == author then
                    author = 'You'
                local time = os.difftime(os.time(), blame.author_time) / (24 * 60 * 60)
                local time_format = string.format('%s days ago', utils.round(time))
                local time_divisions = { { 24, 'hours' }, { 60, 'minutes' }, { 60, 'seconds' } }
                local division_counter = 1
                while time < 1 and division_counter ~= #time_divisions do
                    local division = time_divisions[division_counter]
                    time = time * division[1]
                    time_format = string.format('%s %s ago', utils.round(time), division[2])
                    division_counter = division_counter + 1
                local commit_message = blame.commit_message
                if not blame.committed then
                    author = 'You'
                    commit_message = 'Uncommitted changes'
                    local info = string.format('%s • %s', author, commit_message)
                    return string.format(' %s', info)
                local max_commit_message_length = 255
                if #commit_message > max_commit_message_length then
                    commit_message = commit_message:sub(1, max_commit_message_length) .. '...'
                local info = string.format('%s, %s • %s', author, time_format, commit_message)
                return string.format(' %s', info)