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Nii-nvim is a very minimal neovim configuration focused on creating a functional editor with a minimal amount of code. Nii-nvim also keeps the user in mind by being very extensible and well documented.

NOTE: nii-nvim is currently under development, meaning that many things may not work as intended, or may not be implemented at all.

Why nii-nvim?

There are many neovim configurations that exist (i.e. NvChad, Lunar Vim, etc.). However, many of these configurations suffer from a host of problems:

  • Some configurations (like NvChad), have very abstracted and complex codebases.
  • Others rely on having as much overall functionality as possible (like LunarVim).

While none of this is bad, there are some problems that can arise from these choices:

  • Complex codebases lead to less freedom for end-user extensiblity and configuration, as there is more reliance on the maintainer of said code.
  • Users may not use half of what is made avalible to them simply because they don't need all of that functionality, so all of it may not be necessary.

nii-nvim provides a solution to these problems by providing only the necessary code in order to make a functioning configuration. The end goal of nii-nvim is to be used as a base config for users to extend and add upon, leading to a more unique editing experience.

Also the name is cute. (・3・)


  • neovim 5.0 or greater
  • fzf
  • git
  • A Nerd Font
  • ripgrep
  • Python 3


  • Heavy focus on both in-source documentation as well as external documentation.
  • Sane Keybinds for extra added functionality
  • Small codebase for easy extensibility
  • A handful of plugins that build off neovim's strengths
  • Swag (and Minimalisim!!)


If you are looking for help, or are looking for others to interact with, you can join the "official" Matrix room and Discord server


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