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  use 'tomasiser/vim-code-dark'


require "paq" { 


vim-code-dark is a dark color scheme for Vim heavily inspired by the look of the Dark+ scheme of Visual Studio Code. While many of the colors are same, there are additional colors for specific usage or reserved for future use. The scheme also defines specific GUI colors (e.g. popup menu) and fully supports vim-airline.

:exclamation: To install and enable this colorscheme, read installation instructions.

This colorscheme does also support 256 and 8/16 color terminals. See installation instructions step 3.


gVim / modern terminals

Ruby and NERDTree Editing HTML and CSS

Code samples 1, 2, nerdtree

Terminals with limited color support

Fixed 256 colors

Terminal on Debian with 256 colors

Fixed 8/16 colors

Terminal on Debian with 16 colors

Color Palette

Color Palette


1) Download

Simply as any other Vim plugins: download manually or follow the standard procedure of your plugin manager:

  • Vundle

    Plugin 'tomasiser/vim-code-dark'
  • vim-plug

    Plug 'tomasiser/vim-code-dark'
  • manual

    copy all of the files to ~/.vim (or $HOME\vimfiles on Windows) directory

2) Enable in .vimrc

Add the following line to your .vimrc:

colorscheme codedark

If you have vim-airline, you can also enable the provided theme:

let g:airline_theme = 'codedark'

3) Terminal support

3.1) If you use gVim / a modern terminal

:+1: The colorscheme will work out of the box. No need to setup anything else!

3.2) If the colors seem to be wrong

If your terminal supports 256 colors (see this script if you want to test your terminal), you may need to set t_Co to 256 and possibly also reset the t_ut value in your .vimrc before setting the colorscheme:

set t_Co=256
set t_ut=
colorscheme codedark

(Additionally, if you don't want to or cannot use t_Co, you can let g:codedark_term256=1.)

3.3) If your terminal only supports 8/16 colors

:exclamation: Before following those steps, first try step 3.2) - maybe your terminal does support 256 colors!

If your terminal does not support 256 colors, you may want to change your terminal colors:

3.3.1) Some Unix terminals

Clone base16-shell into ~/.config/base16-shell:

git clone ~/.config/base16-shell

Then copy a script from this (vim-code-dark) repository (base16/templates/shell/scripts/ into ~/.config/base16-shell/scripts.

Following the instructions from base16-shell, you should now modify your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc (depending on your shell) and insert the following lines:

[ -n "$PS1" ] && [ -s $BASE16_SHELL/ ] && eval "$($BASE16_SHELL/"

Now start a new shell and type the following command: base16_codedark.

You should now be able to use Vim with your new colorscheme.

3.3.2) iTerm2

iTerm2 should actually support 256 colors, try setting Report Terminal Type to xterm-256color and follow step 3.2). If it does not work, you can manually modify your terminal colors in settings (CMD+i, Colors tab) following the color palette picture. You will have to choose which color to use as red, blue etc. according to your personal preferences.

3.3.3) PuTTY

PuTTY should actually support 256 colors, try following steps on StackOverflow. If it does not work, run base16/templates/putty/putty/base16-codedark.reg to modify your registry, then run PuTTY and load codedark in the session list. This will modify your PuTTY terminal colors.


The background color in my terminal is wrong when there is no text!

Try resetting the t_ut value in your .vimrc as described here:

set t_Co=256
set t_ut=
colorscheme codedark

What is and how to enable the conservative mode?

If you don't like many colors and prefer the conservative style of the standard Visual Studio, you can try the conservative mode with reduced number of colors. To enable it, put the following line to your .vimrc before setting the scheme, like so:

let g:codedark_conservative = 1
colorscheme codedark

Something is broken but I know how to fix it!

Pull requests are welcome! Feel free to send one with an explanation!

Why does file syntax not look exactly like in Visual Studio Code?

Because Vim uses different syntax rules. This is just a colorscheme for vim, not a syntax definition.

My favourite language has wrong / bad / awful colors!

There are a lot of syntax definitions with different highlight groups. Feel free to send a pull request with additional highlight groups!

What setup can I see on the first screenshots?

Screenshots come from gVim on Windows with the following font options and vim-airline enabled.

set enc=utf-8
set guifont=Powerline_Consolas:h11
set renderoptions=type:directx,gamma:1.5,contrast:0.5,geom:1,renmode:5,taamode:1,level:0.5