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30 days ago

disrupted's dotfiles


nvim in tmux


configuration entirely written in Lua.



ZSH using powerlevel10k prompt. plugins managed through zinit.

Weechat IRC

Weechat IRC

Thanks to @lukas-reineke, @akinsho, @yutkat and the good people from /r/neovim.


test italics & similar output:

echo -e "\e[1mbold\e[0m"
echo -e "\e[3mitalic\e[0m"
echo -e "\e[4munderline\e[0m"
echo -e "\e[9mstrikethrough\e[0m"
echo -e "\e[31mHello World\e[0m"

from 'A Definitive Guide to Enabling Italics in Vim and tmux':

Instead of adding a custom entry in the terminfo db, try to update the latter. On my Ubuntu, terminfo descriptions are provided by the packages ncurses-base and ncurses-term. If after upgrading the pacakges, your descriptions are still too old – or contain wrong sequences – then update the db right from the developer's site:

$ curl -LO http://invisible-island.net/datafiles/current/terminfo.src.gz
$ gunzip terminfo.src.gz
$ tic -sx terminfo.src

On Ubuntu, it should create a new db in your home directory (~/.terminfo). If you don't want to update the whole db, but only the description of a specific terminal, then replace the last tic(1) command with: tic -sx -e $TERM terminfo.src Or with: tic -sx -e my-terminal terminfo.src Or: tic -sx -e my-terminal-1,my-terminal-2,... terminfo.src If you want to make a backup of the current description, run this command: infocmp -x $TERM >term.desc.backup And to restore your original description, run: tic -sx term.desc.backup

Installing tmux-256color for macOS

Patched tmux-256color terminfo from tmux maintainer