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11 months ago

What is dope

Many people are interested in my personal configuration. So I created dope.

What does dope do? dope wants vimers to have their own config with high performance

fast speed and modernity.


├── init.lua
├── lua
│   ├── core
│   │   ├── cli.lua
│   │   ├── helper.lua
│   │   ├── init.lua
│   │   ├── keymap.lua
│   │   ├── options.lua
│   │   └── pack.lua
│   ├── keymap
│   │   ├── config.lua
│   │   └── init.lua
│   └── modules
│       ├── completion
│       │   ├── config.lua
│       │   └── package.lua
│       ├── editor
│       │   ├── config.lua
│       │   └── package.lua
│       ├── tools
│       │   ├── config.lua
│       │   └── package.lua
│       └── ui
│           ├── config.lua
│           └── package.lua
├── snippets
│   ├── lua.json
│   ├── lua.lua
│   └── package.json
  • core heart of dope it include the api of dope
  • modlues plugin module and config in this folder
  • snippets vscode snippets json file


  • Click button Use this template It will generate a new repo based on dope on your GitHub

Cli tool

bin/dope is a cli tool for dope config. run ./bin/dope help check more detail

you can use /bin/dope debug ui,editor for debug modues. when you get trouble this is useful for your debug, this command mean disable ui editor modules.Then the plugins in ui,editor modules not load.

How to install plugins

dope use lazy.nvim as package management plugin. register a plugin in package.lua by using dope api require('core.pack').package. more usage check the lazy.nvim doc and you can some examples in package.lua file.

How to create module

create a fold inside modlues folder and package.lua file you must created inside your module. dope will auto read this file at startup.

How to config keymap

In dope there are some apis that make it easy to set keymap. All apis are defined in core/keymap.lua.

keymap.(n/i/c/v/x/t)map -- function to generate keymap by vim.keymap.set
keymap.new_opts -- generate opts into vim.keymap.set
-- function type that work with keymap.new_opts
keymap.silent keymap.noremap keymap.expr keymap.nowait keymap.remap
keymap.cmd -- just return string with <Cmd> and <CR>
keymap.cu -- work like cmd but for visual map

Use these apis to config your keymap in keymap folder. In this folder keymap/init.lua is necessary but if you

have many vim mode remap you can config them in keymap/other-file.lua in dope is config.lua just an

example file. Then config plugins keymap in keymap/init.lua. the example of api usage

-- generate keymap in noremal mode
nmap {
  -- packer
  {'<Leader>pu',cmd('Lazy update'),opts(noremap,silent,'Lazy update')},

also you can pass a table not include sub table to `map` like

nmap {'key','rhs',opts(noremap,silent)}

use :h vim.keymap.set to know more about.


  • Improve key repeat
mac os need restart
defaults write NSGlobalDomain KeyRepeat -int 1
defaults write NSGlobalDomain InitialKeyRepeat -int 10

xset r rate 210 40


If you'd like to support my work financially, buy me a drink through paypal

License MIT