Hey all!

My name is Eric Bower and I built this site because neovim is awesome and I want to provide resources for searching an building neovim plugins.

Eric Bower

I'm a professional software engineer who has been programming since I was 13 years old. I love building software as much as I love building something that people find useful. Most of my time is devoted to growing my ability to build products.

I also care deeply about open-source code and have an active Github , check it out if you're interested. I also write blog articles about software.

I'm happy to read feedback about neovimcraft so please feel free to email me.


Do you have questions not answered here? Email me!

Where do we get our content from?

As of right now, most of our data is scraped from github. You can find our scrape script here.

How can I submit a plugin or resource to this project?

Please read the neovimcraft README.