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7 days ago

termim.nvim improves your default neovim terminal experience, keeping it super simple.

✨ Features

  • Auto enter insert mode when opening terminal
  • Cleans up unnecessary clutter from terminal UI
  • Auto closes terminal once process exits
  • Terminals do not mess with your buffer list
  • Handy commands to access full screen and split terminals
  • Extend commands with any program of your choice

⚑ Setup

βš™οΈ Requirements

  • neovim

πŸ’» Installation

Add the following to your lazy/packer config

    -- Lazy
        cmd = { 'Fterm', 'FTerm', 'Sterm', 'STerm', 'Vterm', 'VTerm' },

    -- Packer
    use '2kabhishek/termim.nvim'

πŸš€ Usage

πŸ“‘ Commands

termim.nvim adds the following commands:

  • Fterm: open terminal in new tab
  • FTerm: same as Fterm but stays open after process exits
  • Sterm: open terminal in new horizontal split
  • STerm: same as Sterm but stays open after process exits
  • Vterm: open terminal in new vertical split
  • VTerm: same as Vterm but stays open after process exits

All the commands accept optional command as arg, if command is missing, your default shell will run

  • Fterm lazygit: will open lazygit in a new tab

⌨️ Mappings

termim.nvim adds the following mappings:

  • J J β€” Return to normal mode in terminals, remap for <C-\><C-n>

Recommended which-key Mappings

Other than the standard commands, you can use which-key to create your own commands.

    t = {
        name = 'Terminal',
        ['`'] = { '<cmd>Sterm<cr>', 'Horizontal Terminal' },
        e = { '<cmd>Sterm iex<cr>', 'Elixir' },
        g = { '<cmd>Fterm lazygit<cr>', 'Lazygit' },
        n = { '<cmd>Sterm node<cr>', 'Node' },
        p = { '<cmd>Sterm bpython<cr>', 'Python' },
        r = { '<cmd>Sterm irb<cr>', 'Ruby' },
        s = { '<cmd>Sterm<cr>', 'Horizontal Terminal' },
        t = { '<cmd>Fterm<cr>', 'Terminal' },
        v = { '<cmd>Vterm<cr>', 'Vertical Terminal' },

πŸ—οΈ What's Next

You tell me!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Behind The Code

🌈 Inspiration

Most terminal plugins offer a lot more than I needed, whereas I needed some small enhancements of the default neovim terminal experience.

πŸ’‘ Challenges/Learnings

  • Figuring out some autogroup and buffer related APIs

🧰 Tooling

  • dots2k β€” Dev Environment
  • mac2k β€” Mac Dev Environment
  • nvim2k β€” Personalized Editor

πŸ” More Info

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