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GPTModels.nvim - an LLM AI plugin for neovim

This is an iteration on the window features of jackMort/ChatGPT.nvim. It's an AI plugin designed to tighten your neovim workflow with AI LLMs. It offers two windows: one for chat, and one for code editing.

The plugin is developed with a focus on stability and user experience. The plugin code is well tested, and leverages the EmmyLua type system for robustness.


  • Supports OpenAI and Ollama - Local LLMs can be amazing as well. This plugin makes it super simple to switch between different models. I often get "second opinions" on code I'm getting LLM help with.
  • File inclusion - The plugin uses telescope for a super clean file picker, and includes the files in the messages to the llm.
  • Background processing - Close the window while the AI responds, open the window and the response will continue streaming in the background.
  • Request cancellation - Cancel requests midflight with Ctrl-c. Save tokens and time.
  • Selection inclusion - Both windows, when opened with selected text, bring that selected text into the window for inclusion in your llm request. Opening with a selection clears the old session automatically.
  • Filetype inclusion - The file's extension is included in llm requests so you don't have to specify what kind of code it is when supplying smaller amounts of code
  • Stability - This was written test first, and always will be. It also makes heavy use of the EmmyLua type system, which makes the code more robust. There still may be bugs, but hopefully there'll be fewer at least.
  • UX in mind - It's hard to enumerate the little things, but I hope and think you'll notice them as you use the plugin. Examples include keeping sessions across close in both windows, saving the prompt window after you type stuff before you send the request, so you can slowly build up the request, scrolls on llm responses unless you're in the window, so you can interact with the response before it's finished, responsive window resizing when terminal window changes size, and more little things like this.


This plugin offers two commands:

  • :GPTModelsCode - open a window designed to iterate on selections of code See example of :GPTModelsCode
  • :GPTModelsChat - open a chat window, like ChatGPT See example of :GPTModelsChat

The code window (:GPTModelsCode) is great for iterating on a selection of code. You have three panes - the left pane holds code you're working on, the right pane code only responses from the LLMs, and then you have an input for your prompt. If you call it with a visual selection, that selection will be placed into the left pane. From there you can iterate on the code. Press Ctrl-x to replace the left pane with the contents of the right, rinse and repeat. This window is also nice because the code is the main focus, and has syntax highlighting. I use this whenever I have an AI request about code I'm working on. The prompt behind the scenes is tuned so the AI only responds with code (although some LLMs are harder to get perfect, so be lenient.) Other features, including changing models and including files, are labeled on the window.

The chat window is great for having a free form conversation. You can still open with a selection, include files, cancel requests, etc.


The keymaps strive to be labaled and easily visible from within the plugin so you don't need to reference them here. But here they are anyways:

Keybinding Action Description
<CR> send request pressing enter sends your prompt and any files or code selected to the llm
q quit close the window
[S]Tab cycle windows switch focus into each window successively
C-c cancel request send SIGTERM to the curl command making the fetch
C-f add files open the file picker window and include file contents in your request
C-g clear files clear the files you have selected, leaving the windows be
C-x xfer to deck in the code window, transfer the right pane's contents to the left
C-j/k cycle models cycle through which LLM model to use for further requests
C-p pick model open a popup window to pick a model. Useful when you have many models
C-n clear all clear the whole state, all the windows and files

All keybindings work from normal mode.


This plugin requires curl be installed for requests. For Ollama requests, have Ollama running locally. For OpenAI requests, have the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable set.

Now, in your favorite package manager:


  dependencies = {


Plug "MunifTanjim/nui.nvim"
Plug "nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim"
Plug "Aaronik/GPTModels.nvim"

(Contributions to this readme for how to do other package managers are welcome)


Here are some examples of how to map these -- this is what I use, <leader>a for the code window and <leader>c for the chat

in init.lua:

-- Both visual and normal mode for each, so you can open with a visual selection or without.
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('v', '<leader>a', ':GPTModelsCode<CR>', { noremap = true })
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('n', '<leader>a', ':GPTModelsCode<CR>', { noremap = true })

vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('v', '<leader>c', ':GPTModelsChat<CR>', { noremap = true })
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('n', '<leader>c', ':GPTModelsChat<CR>', { noremap = true })

in .vimrc:

" Or if you prefer the traditional way
nnoremap <leader>a :GPTModelsCode<CR>
vnoremap <leader>a :GPTModelsCode<CR>

nnoremap <leader>c :GPTModelsChat<CR>
vnoremap <leader>c :GPTModelsChat<CR>


Big thanks to @jackMort for the inspiration for the code window. I used jackMort/ChatGPT.nvim for a long time before deciding to write this plugin.


  • code needs C-y?
  • Focus same buffer on nui exit?
  • Add copilot support .. Very hard as it turns out
  • Protect against opening windows many times?
  • Figure out how to test nui border text and test all the titles
  • Chat only scrolls on llm response, user input scrolls off bottom of screen
  • util.log filesize management
  • Help window
    • with detailed descriptions of commands
    • input bottom border is just q, Enter, and Ctrl-h maybe, or maybe just Ctrl-h
  • :help docs
  • Model showing / hiding
    • Show all openai models?
    • Remove openai models when OPENAI_API_KEY is not set
      • Render in the chat/right window, at the top above all else, that this is happening?
    • Remove all ollama models when ollama.fetch_models fails indicating server isn't running?
      • Or is it better to alert that the server isn't running? Or both?
  • Have providers accumulate response frames when one isn't json decodable. Handle scenario of big json being split into smaller frames.


  • If you open the code window, get a buncha code in there, then switch to a file of a different filetype, then open again, the syntax highlighting is lost
  • Sometimes, especially with openai, there are responses that don't conform to json, and responses where json is split between multiple. Both providers should handle that stuff more robustly.