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4 months ago

Simple Neovim Setup

Fully written in lua, aesthetic ui, fuzzy finder, lsp, formatter, speed motion and more...

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Plugin Manager


Startup Time ~200

Installation Guide

window (don't forget to backup your config first)

$ git clone ~/AppData/Local/nvim

Windows Note's

For treesitter error, you may need to read this

  1. Install Zig for compiler because mingw is 32bit
choco install zig
  1. then uncomment this on nvim/lua/config/treesitter.lua file
require("nvim-treesitter.install").prefer_git = false
require'nvim-treesitter.install'.compilers = { 'zig' }

MacOS or Linux (or wsl)

$ git clone ~/.config/nvim

Run nvim

$ nvim


for open Mason UI


example for install tsserver and intelephense

:MasonInstall typescript-language-server intelephense

you don't need to setup the server manually because lsp-zero do this automatically

Treesitter (syntax highlight)

example for install ts and php syntax highlight

:TSInstall tsx ts php


you can change the theme whatever you want. Edit file ./lua/adics/theme.lua and paste your config here

Keybinds General

vim.g.mapleader = " "

"<leader>w" -- Save file (normal mode)
"<leader>e" -- Toggle neotree (normal mode)
"<leader>o" -- Toggle neotree focus (normal mode)

"<A-j>" -- Scroll down (normal mode)
"<A-k>" -- Scroll up (normal mode)

"<A-l>" -- Switch vsplit window to right (normal mode)
"<A-h>" -- Switch vsplit window to left (normal mode)

"<A-Up>" -- Resize vsplit window to +3 (normal mode)
"<A-Down>" -- Switch vsplit window to -3 (normal mode)

"<A-t>" -- Toggle Term (normal, terminal mode)
"<space>;" -- Escape (terminal mode)
"<space>g" -- Lazygit (normal mode)

Keybinds Buffer

"H" -- Prev Buffer (normal mode)
"L" -- Next Buffer (normal mode)
"C" -- Close Buffer (normal mode)

"<leader>al" -- Hop line (all mode)
"<leader>aw" -- Hop word (all mode)
"<leader>aa" -- Hop char (all mode)

"jk" -- Escape (insert mode)

"gd" -- Goto Definition (normal mode)
"K" -- Hover doc (normal mode)
"<leader>ca" -- Code action (normal mode)
"<leader>lf" -- lsp format (normal mode)
"<leader>dh" -- jum to prev diagnostic (normal mode)
"<leader>dl" -- jum to next diagnostic (normal mode)

"<cr>" -- confirm cmp (insert mode)

Plugins (Outdated)