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🌒 Nordic


A Neovim colorscheme based on Nord, but Aurora > Frost. The idea behind this colorscheme is to use Nord, but add some darker colors and use Aurora more prominently than Nord themes usually do. This ends up creating a colorscheme that is soft on the eyes.

If there is anything that does not seem right, even if it is a very small highlight, please let me know with an issue or PR!

📷 Showcase


From my dotfiles: image

🎨 Palette

For the list of colors/palette, see this file. Some extra colors and use cases are generated in this file.


📦 Installation

With packer.nvim:

use 'AlexvZyl/nordic.nvim'

With lazy.nvim:

    lazy = false,
    priority = 1000,
    config = function()
        require 'nordic' .load()

With vim-plug:

Plug 'AlexvZyl/nordic.nvim', { 'branch': 'main' }

🚀 Usage

Using vim:

colorscheme nordic

Using lua:

vim.cmd.colorscheme 'nordic'
-- or
require 'nordic' .load()

Using with lualine:

require 'lualine' .setup {
    options = {
        theme = 'nordic'

To get the palette in lua:

local palette = require 'nordic.colors'

⚙️ Configuration

Nordic will use the default values, unless setup is called. Below is the default configuration.

require 'nordic' .setup {
    -- This callback can be used to override the colors used in the palette.
    on_palette = function(palette) return palette end,
    -- Enable bold keywords.
    bold_keywords = false,
    -- Enable italic comments.
    italic_comments = true,
    -- Enable general editor background transparency.
    transparent_bg = false,
    -- Enable brighter float border.
    bright_border = false,
    -- Reduce the overall amount of blue in the theme (diverges from base Nord).
    reduced_blue = true,
    -- Swap the dark background with the normal one.
    swap_backgrounds = false,
    -- Override the styling of any highlight group.
    override = {},
    -- Cursorline options.  Also includes visual/selection.
    cursorline = {
        -- Bold font in cursorline.
        bold = false,
        -- Bold cursorline number.
        bold_number = true,
        -- Available styles: 'dark', 'light'.
        theme = 'dark',
        -- Blending the cursorline bg with the buffer bg.
        blend = 0.85,
    noice = {
        -- Available styles: `classic`, `flat`.
        style = 'classic',
    telescope = {
        -- Available styles: `classic`, `flat`.
        style = 'flat',
    leap = {
        -- Dims the backdrop when using leap.
        dim_backdrop = false,
    ts_context = {
        -- Enables dark background for treesitter-context window
        dark_background = true,

An example of overriding the TelescopePromptTitle colors:

local palette = require 'nordic.colors'
require 'nordic' .setup {
    override = {
        TelescopePromptTitle = {
            fg =,
            bg =,
            italic = true,
            underline = true,
            sp = palette.yellow.dim,
            undercurl = false

🗒️ Supported Plugins and Platforms

For the list of supported plugins, please take a look at this file. For the list of supported platforms, please take a look at this directory.

I do not personally use all of the platforms and plugins in the list, so if something is not right, or you have a suggestion, please open a PR!

🎙️ Acknowledgements