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11 months ago

My Neovim Config


This config is BROKEN, you can take a look through it for ideas and stuff but don't expect it to work out of the box. I have since moved on to using LunarVim. It can be a real timesink to maintain a config this big by yourself, I don't recommend it. Soon I will turn this repo into a super light Neovim config to complement my LunarVim IDE setup.

Try out this config

Make sure to remove or move your current nvim directory

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Run nvim and wait for the plugins to be installed

NOTE: (You will notice treesitter pulling in a bunch of parsers the next time you open Neovim)

Get healthy

Open nvim and enter the following:


You'll probably notice you don't have support for copy/paste also that python and node haven't been setup

So let's fix that

First we'll fix copy/paste

  • On mac pbcopy should be builtin

  • On Ubuntu

    sudo apt install xsel
  • On Arch Linux

    sudo pacman -S xsel

Next we need to install python support (node is optional)

  • Neovim python support

    pip install pynvim
  • Neovim node support

    npm i -g neovim


After moving fonts to ~/.local/share/fonts/

Run: $ fc-cache -f -v

NOTE: (If you are seeing boxes without icons, try changing this line from false to true: link)

Java Debugging and Testing

git clone
cd java-debug/
./mvnw clean install
git clone
cd vscode-java-test
npm install
npm run build-plugin

Install latest rust-analyzer binary

$ mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
$ curl -L | gunzip -c - > ~/.local/bin/rust-analyzer
$ chmod +x ~/.local/bin/rust-analyzer