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πŸ›Έ projections.nvim

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A tiny project + sessions manager for neovim, written in lua. Sessions support is optional.

Project Telescope

πŸ—ΊοΈ Quick Guide


─── W
    β”œβ”€β”€ A
    β”‚   └── .git
    β”œβ”€β”€ B
    β”‚   └── .hg
    └── D
         └── E
              └── .svn


A workspace is a directory that contains projects as their children. That's it. Grandchildren are not considered projects.

In the figure above, W is a workspace


A project is any subdirectory of a workspace which contains a file/directory present in patterns.

For instance, if patterns is { ".git", ".svn", ".hg" }, then all Git, SVN, and Mercurial repositories under workspace W are considered projects.

In the figure above, A, and B are projects. D and E are not projects.

You can get creative with this, { "package.json" }, would classify all npm packages as projects.

See projections.init.setup, or the next section for more details on patterns


This plugin also provides a small, and (completely optional) session manager for projects. It is only intended to work with projections' projects!. See, :h session and projections.session

πŸ”Œ Installation

The table provided to setup consists of default values for the options. None of the arguments are required. Workspaces can be configured dynamically via a json file. See AddWorkspace command configuration below.

    config = function()
            workspaces = {                                -- Default workspaces to search for 
                -- { "~/Documents/dev", { ".git" } },        Documents/dev is a workspace. patterns = { ".git" }
                -- { "~/repos", {} },                        An empty pattern list indicates that all subdirectories are considered projects
                -- "~/dev",                                  dev is a workspace. default patterns is used (specified below)
            -- patterns = { ".git", ".svn", ".hg" },      -- Default patterns to use if none were specified. These are NOT regexps.
            -- store_hooks = { pre = nil, post = nil },   -- pre and post hooks for store_session, callable | nil
            -- restore_hooks = { pre = nil, post = nil }, -- pre and post hooks for restore_session, callable | nil
            -- workspaces_file = "path/to/file",          -- Path to workspaces json file
            -- sessions_directory = "path/to/dir",        -- Directory where sessions are stored

πŸ› οΈ Configuration

projections doesn't register commands or keybindings. It leaves you with 100% control. As this might be inconvenient to some, this section comes with a recommended configuration and recipes for different workflows.

Recommended configuration

The recommended setup does the following:

  • Provides a telescope switcher for projects, which can be launched by <leader>fp
  • Saves project's session automatically on VimExit
  • Switch to project if nvim was started from a project root
    config = function()

        -- Bind <leader>fp to Telescope projections
        vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>fp", function() vim.cmd("Telescope projections") end)

        -- Autostore session on VimExit
        local Session = require("projections.session")
        vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd({ 'VimLeavePre' }, {
            callback = function() end,

        -- Switch to project if vim was started in a project dir
        local switcher = require("projections.switcher")
        vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd({ "VimEnter" }, {
            callback = function()
                if vim.fn.argc() == 0 then switcher.switch(vim.loop.cwd()) end

Additionally you will likely want to enable localoptions:

vim.opt.sessionoptions:append("localoptions")       -- Save localoptions to session file


Automatically restore last session

The following lines setup an autocmd to automatically restore last session. If you are using the recommended configuration, make sure to remove the VimEnter autocmd

-- If vim was started with arguments, do nothing
-- If in some project's root, attempt to restore that project's session
-- If not, restore last session
-- If no sessions, do nothing
local Session = require("projections.session")
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd({ "VimEnter" }, {
    callback = function()
        if vim.fn.argc() ~= 0 then return end
        local session_info =
        if session_info == nil then
    desc = "Restore last session automatically"

Manual Session commands

The following lines register two commands StoreProjectSession and RestoreProjectSession. Both of them attempt to store/restore the session if cwd is a project directory.

local Session = require("projections.session")
vim.api.nvim_create_user_command("StoreProjectSession", function()
end, {})

vim.api.nvim_create_user_command("RestoreProjectSession", function()
end, {})

Create AddWorkspace command

The following example creates a AddWorkspace user command which adds the current directory to workspaces json file. Default set of patterns is used.

local Workspace = require("projections.workspace")
-- Add workspace command
vim.api.nvim_create_user_command("AddWorkspace", function() 
end, {})

The json file format is as follows:

        "path": "/path/to/workspace",
        "patterns": ["list", "of", "patterns"]
        "path": "/tmp",
        "patterns": [".git", ".svn", ".hg"]

Intended usage

You are responsible for creating a clear folder structure for your projects! While this plugin doesn't force any particularly outrageous folder structure, it won't work well with a particularly outrageous folder structure either!

projections stores information in the following places by default:

workspaces = stdpath('data') .. 'projections_workspaces.json'
sessions   = stdpath('cache') .. 'projections_sessions/'

πŸ”­ About Telescope

The telescope plugin is intended to be the primary method to switch between projects! So expect the usability of this plugin to be greatly compromised if you don't use telescope.nvim

That being said, you can create your own project switcher with the exposed functions.

πŸ” Use fzf?

Take a look at the unofficial extension by nyngwang: fzf-lua-projections

πŸ’» API

The source files are documented for now. But this section will be completed in due time. The API is not stable. You might need to spend a couple of minutes every once in a while to update! That being said, most of the core stuff shouldn't change.

πŸ“¦ Interaction with plugins

Neovim's sessions do not work well with some plugins. For example, if you try :mksession with an open nvim-tree window, it will store instructions for an empty buffer in the sessions file.

There are several other plugins that do not work well. There are several methods to deal with this including:

  1. Close all such buffers before saving the session. see pre store hooks
  2. Store all such buffers, and then restore them accordingly. see post restore hooks
  3. Do nothing and handle the buffers manually, either at store or restore.

For example, let's see how you can close nvim-tree, or neo-tree before storing sessions:

    store_hooks = {
        pre = function()
            -- nvim-tree 
            local nvim_tree_present, api = pcall(require, "nvim-tree.api")
            if nvim_tree_present then api.tree.close() end

            -- neo-tree
            if pcall(require, "neo-tree") then vim.cmd [[Neotree action=close]] end

Will such a functionality be present in projections? Hard to say. This is not an easy problem to solve reliably. Option 2 sounds reasonable, but everyone has different needs. And since the user knows better than projections, I am inclined to push this responsibility to the user as well. If enough people ask for this, I may provide support for common plugins via something like projections.unstable

❓ Further queries

  1. Make sure you have read :h session, :h mksession, and :h sessionoptions
  2. Check out the wiki, the FAQ, and this document.
  3. Search active and closed issues

If you still can't solve your problem, feel free to file an issue.