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9 months ago


WIP: Tree-sitter grammar for Justfiles (casey/just)

To use treesitter based highlighting, folds etc. the queries need to be added to the runtimepath, until I get a PR into nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter you can install this repo as a plugin using Plug/packer/manual clone etc. This plugin also adds a simple ftdetect plugin for detecting


use "IndianBoy42/tree-sitter-just"


Plug 'IndianBoy42/tree-sitter-just'


git clone ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/tree-sitter-queries/start/tree-sitter-just

You can then do require('tree-sitter-just').setup() to register the parser with tree-sitter. You can then do TSInstall/TSUpdate as usual to install the parser

You can also add the parser manually using (This is similar to what is done in require"tree-sitter-just".setup())

require("nvim-treesitter.parsers").get_parser_configs().just = {
  install_info = {
    url = "", -- local path or git repo
    files = { "src/parser.c", "src/" },
    branch = "main",
    -- use_makefile = true -- this may be necessary on MacOS (try if you see compiler errors)
  maintainers = { "@IndianBoy42" },

Dont forget to :TSInstall after adding this. With this method you do not have to add this repo as a plugin If you run into problems relating to C++ 11 features, try including this in your setup (you may have to brew install gcc@11):

require"nvim-treesitter.install".compilers = {"gcc-11"}


Building locally:

npm run gen
npm run test
tree-sitter parse test/test.just

You can use the nvim-treesitter/playground plugin from here, to explore the resulting parse tree. Use TSPlaygroundToggle to view the parse tree, and use TSHighlightCapturesUnderCursor to view highlight groups


  • Implement a basic parser that is able to understand all features of Justfiles
  • Implement support for highlighting using nvim-treesitter (reference, highlights.scm)
    • Write the queries
    • Implement locals queries
  • Implement queries for textobjects compatible with nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter-textobjects
    • Write the queries
      • @block.inner|outer (recipe)
      • @function.inner|outer (recipe)
      • @call.inner|outer (dependencies)
      • @comment.outer
      • @parameter.inner|outer
      • @conditional.inner|outer
      • @statement.outer (recipe line or one variable)
    • Definitions and references
    • Scopenames
  • Implement support for indentation using nvim-treesitter
    • Write the queries
  • Implement support for code folding using nvim-treesitter (folds.scm)
    • Write the queries
  • Write Tests
  • Highlight the fish/bash/etc inside recipes (use tree-sitter injections)
  • Fix weirdness around trailing whitespace (dont leave trailing whitespace after the recipe header)