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4 months ago


Sindo's dotfiles

These are the dotfiles that I am currently using for my day to day work. I'll be constantly updating this repository as I find new ways to improve my workflow. These are tools that work for me, but I hope you can find something useful here as well.

Want to learn Web Development?

Check out my website for free resources and mentoring: SinDev


  • Neovim Config
  • Tmux Config

Requirements and tools that I use

  • iterm2 - Terminal Emulator, MacOS only (check out Alacritty for Windows)
  • Exa - Modern replacement for ls
  • Nerd Font - Allows for icons and ligatures in the terminal, any patched font will do
  • Neovim - Duh!
  • Catppuccin - The colorscheme I use for NeoVim and Tmux
  • ripgrep - For live grep
  • lazygit - Easy Git GUI inside NeoVim


Feel free to reach out to me at sindoonyt@gmail.com, or by going to SinDev.