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Create scratch file

Help you to create tmp playground files, which can be found later, with one stroke and without worrying about what the filename should be and where to put it.

  • With other nvim's goodies.
    • with treesitter to have syntax highlighting
    • with lsp and cmp to have auto-cmp, auto-format and other lsp goodies
    • with michaelb/sniprun or metakirby5/codi.vim to run scratch file



using your favorate plugin manager, for example lazy.nvim

    event = 'VimEnter',
    -- tag = "v0.7.1" -- use tag for stability, or without this to have latest fixed and functions

I will continue add some changes to main branch, so if you meet some issue due to new changes, you can just downgrade to your former version.


No need to config at the very begining, just install and use the commands it provides.

You can search commands with Scratch prefix by telescope or fzflua

You can use ScratchEditConfig to edit the config once some new type popup your mind and the config will take effect immediately

Here's default config after you inited the plugin

NOTE: you can't have comment in your config, since only plain json supported right now

  "filetypes": ["xml", "go", "lua", "js", "py", "sh"], // you can simply put filetype here
  "scratch_file_dir": "/you_home_path/.cache/nvim/scratch.nvim",
  "filetype_details": {
    "go": {
      // or, you can have more control here
      "filename": "main", // the filename of the scratch file in the new directory
      "cursor": {
        "location": [4, 2], // default location of cursor in the scratch file
        "insert_mode": true // default mode
      "requireDir": true, // true, if each scratch file requires a new directory
      "content": ["package main", "", "func main() {", "  ", "}"] // default content in the scratch file
    "yaml": {}, // for same filetype. you can have different postfix
    "k8s.yaml": {
      "subdir": "learn-k8s" // and put this type into a specific subdir
    "json": {}, // empty object is fine
    "": {
      // create `gp.nvim` chat file
      "cursor": {
        "location": [12, 2],
        "insert_mode": true
      "content": [
        "# topic: ?",
        "- model: {\"top_p\":1,\"temperature\":0.7,\"model\":\"gpt-3.5-turbo-16k\"}",
        "- file: placeholder",
        "- role: You are a general AI assistant.",
        "Write your queries after 🗨:. Run :GpChatRespond to generate response.",
  "localKeys": [ // local keymapping for specific type of file
      "filenameContains": ["gp"],
      "LocalKeys": [
          "cmd": "<CMD>GpChatRespond<CR>",
          "key": "<C-k>k",
          "modes": ["n", "i", "v"]

The way to config this plugin is a little difference(simpler) with other nvim plugin. You can use ScratchEditConfig to edit the config and the config will take effect immediately

Init Configuration

  • This is triggered automaticlly at the first time you try to use Scrach's commands, and can be manually called to change the configuration file path, and this allows you:
    • Put your configuration anywhere you want and can be tracked along with your other configuration with git
    • Have multiple configuration, and switch the configuration by change the configuration filepath with this command

Check current Configuration


Edit Configuration


Note: Don't need require restart nvim after change the config.


Commands | Keymappings | Functions

No default keymappings, here's functions you can mapping to.

All commands are started with Scratch, here is one example to add your keybinding to the commands.

vim.keymap.set("n", "<M-C-n>", "<cmd>Scratch<cr>")
vim.keymap.set("n", "<M-C-o>", "<cmd>ScratchOpen<cr>")

Before v0.6.2 you may need to map to the lua function. Checkout the specific git tag to check the README to the version you want. Here is one example to mapping lua function.

vim.keymap.set("n", "<M-C-n>", function() require("scratch").scratch() end)
vim.keymap.set("n", "<M-C-o>", function() require("scratch").openScratch() end)


This can create a new scratch file in your config's scratch_file_dir


This can create a new scratch file with user provided filename (respect the file extension you provided along with the filename)


This can open an old scratch file in your config's scratch_file_dir


Fuzzy find the content of your scratch files and open


This function can print out your current configuration. Let you rest assure that your custom configuration is taken effect.


Open the configuration file and you can edit it to fit your needs. Require restart nvim to take effects.


functions can be required from scratch, check ./lua/scratch/init.lua to get the functions you can use

Jump to scratch file from terminal

nvim -c 'lua require("scratch").scratchByType("md")'

NOTE: you can't lazyload the plugin if you want make the scratch plugin accessible at the init of nvim


  • local shortcuts.
  • scratch a file based on visual selection
  • group type of file into it's own specific subdir
  • take effect right after user save the configuration.
  • move config.json to nvim's configuration folder
  • register the command automaticlly
  • Template codes when create specific filetype(configurable)
  • fzf scratch file content and open
  • create user command