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:chocolate_bar: nougat.nvim

Hyperextensible plugin for Neovim's 'statusline', 'tabline' and 'winbar'.

:sparkles: Features

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Hyperextensible.
  • :rocket: Fast, Performance focused, Submillisecond evaluation time.
  • :desktop_computer: Responsive Breakpoints, Smart Truncation.
  • :art: Color Palette, Automatic and Adaptive.
  • :package: Modular Design, only use what you need.
  • :crystal_ball: Dynamic statusline / tabline / winbar.
  • :page_with_curl: Filetype Specific statusline / winbar.
  • :nail_care: Fancy Separator.
  • :computer_mouse: Mouse-Click.
  • :briefcase: Caching out-of-the-box.
  • :bar_chart: Built-in Profiler.
  • :peanuts: Common Items included.

:spider_web: Requirements

  • Neovim >= 0.7.0

:inbox_tray: Installation

Install with your preferred plugin manager. For example:

With lazy.nvim

Plug 'MunifTanjim/nougat.nvim'


nougat.nvim is at your disposal to build exactly what you want.

local nougat = require("nougat")


Signature: (bar: NougatBar | nougat_bar_selector, opts?: { filetype?: string }) -> nil

bar can be a NougatBar instance:

local stl = Bar("statusline")


Or a nougat_bar_selector function (ctx: nougat_core_expression_context) -> NougatBar.

local stl = Bar("statusline")
local stl_inactive = Bar("statusline")

-- use separate statusline focused/unfocused window
  return ctx.is_focused and stl or stl_inactive

opts is a table with the shape { filetype?: string }.

If filetype is given, the bar will only be used for that filetype.

local stl_fugitive = Bar("statusline")
local stl_help = Bar("statusline")

-- set filetype specific statusline
for ft, stl_ft in pairs({
  fugitive = stl_fugitive,
  help = stl_help,
}) do
  nougat.set_statusline(stl_ft, { filetype = ft })


Signature: (force_all? boolean) -> nil


Signature: (bar: NougatBar | nougat_bar_selector) -> nil

bar can be a NougatBar instance or a nougat_bar_selector function.


Signature: () -> nil


Signature: (bar: NougatBar | nougat_bar_selector, opts?: { filetype: string }|{ global?: boolean }|{ winid: integer }) -> nil

bar can be a NougatBar instance or a nougat_bar_selector function.

opts is a table with one of the shapes { filetype: string } / { global?: boolean } / { winid: integer }.

If filetype is given, the bar will only be used for that filetype.

If global is true, the bar will be used for global 'winbar', otherwise the local 'winbar' is set whenever a new window is created.

If winid is present, the bar will be used for only that specific window.


Signature: (force_all?: boolean) -> nil


A handful of examples are available to get you started.


Source: bubbly.lua

Bubbly Statusline


Source: pointy.lua

Pointy Statusline


Source: slanty.lua

Slanty Statusline

:art: Color Palette

Check Detailed Documentation for nougat.color

:gear: NougatBar

The sweet NougatBar represents the statusline / tabline / winbar.

Check Detailed Documentation for

:gear: NougatItem

Each NougatBar is made of a bunch of NougatItem.

Check Detailed Documentation for nougat.item

:gear: Separator

Separator that goes between two NougatItems.

Check Detailed Documentation for nougat.separator

:gear: Cache

Check Detailed Documentation for nougat.cache

:gear: Store

Check Detailed Documentation for

:peanuts: Nuts

Commonly used NougatItems for your NougatBar are available inside nougat.nut.* module.

:bar_chart: Profiler

The built-in profiler can be used with the :Nougat profile command.

:notebook: Links

:scroll: License

Licensed under the MIT License. Check the LICENSE file for details.