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Tokyo Night (Night) theme by default screenshot_2024-03-17_17-12-10_712765529

The space key shows all you can do screenshot_2024-03-12_22-48-45_446272370

If you are new here don't forget to check the wiki.

How to install

Installer (Linux/MacOS/WSL)

You can preview it here

wget -q && chmod +x && ./

Clone manually (Linux/MacOS/WSL)

# Strongly recommended: Fork the repo and clone YOUR fork.
git clone ~/.config/nvim

Clone manually (Windows)

# Strongly recommended: Fork the repo and clone YOUR fork.
git clone %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\nvim && nvim

Optional dependencies

This is only necessary if you installed NormalNvim by cloning manually. To unlock all features you will have to install the dependencies.

Distro features

  • Lazy: Plugins are loaded lazily, providing super fast performance.
  • 🔋 Batteries included: Most plugins you will ever need are included and debugged by default. Get the best user experience out of the box and forget about nasty bugs in your Neovim config.
  • 😎 Plugins are self-contained: Allowing you to easily delete what you need.
  • 🤖 IDE tools: We ship Compiler.nvim (compiler), DAP (debugger), Neotest (test runner), and Dooku.nvim (docs generator)
  • 🐞 IDE parsers: Linters, Formatters, LSP, Treesitter... preinstalled, preconfigured and ready to code for the top 12 most popular programming languages.
  • 🥶 Plugin version freeze: You can choose "stable" or "nightly" update channels. Or if you prefer, use :DistroFreezePluginVersions to create your own stable versions!
  • 🔙 Rollbacks: You can easily recover from a nvim distro update using :DistroUpdateRevert
  • 🔥 Hot reload: Every time you change something in your config, the changes are reflected on nvim on real time without need to restart.
  • 📱 Phone friendly: You can also install it on Android Termux. Did you ever have a compiler in your pocket? 😉
  • ⌨️ Alternative mappings: By default the distro uses qwerty, but colemak-dh can be found here.
  • Fully modular: Every feature is a small plugin.
  • 👽 100% agnostic: Any plugin NormalNvim ship, can be used in any distro.
  • ❤️ We don't treat you like you are stupid: Code comments guide you to easily customize everything. We will never hide or abstract stuff from you.

Philosophy and design decisions

You are expected to fork the project before cloning it. So you are the only one in control. It is also recommended to use neovim's appimage.

This is not a distro you are expected to update often from upstream. It is meant to be used as a base to create your own distro.

NormalNvim won't be the next /r/UnixPorn sensation. It is a normal nvim config you can trust 100% will never unexpectedly break while you are working. Nothing flashy. Nothing brightful. Just bread and butter.


The next relevant commands are provided by distroupdate.nvim

Command Description
:DistroUpdate To update the distro from git origin. Local uncommited changes will be lost.
:DistroUpdateRevert To revert the last :NvimDistroUpdate.
:DistroFreezePluginVersions To save your current plugins versions into lazy_versions.lua.


Please before opening an issue, check the astrocommunity repo where you can find help about how to install and configure most plugins.

  • NormalNvim is not working. How can I know why?

    :checkhealth base

  • Why can't I see the icons? You must install the nerdfont version of your font, and use it on your terminal. Alternatively you can edit base/icons/nerd_font.lua to manually specify your own icons.

  • How can I install a new colorscheme? Go to plugins/2-ui.lua, and add the theme you want. Re-open nvim and now you can set your new colorcheme on base/1-options.lua. You can also preview all your installed themes with <space>+ft.

  • How can I change the user interface? We use the plugin heirline to create the user interface. You can re-order or change any component of your user interface in plugins/2-ui.lua. If you preffer the classic vim appearance, you can delete the plugin.

  • How can I disable the animations? You can delete the plugin mini.animate. In case you only want to disable some animations look into the plugin docs.

  • How can I use Ask chatgpt? On your operative system, set the next env var. You can get an API key from chatgpt's website.


🌟 Support the project

If you want to help me, please star this repository to increase the visibility of the project.

Stargazers over time

Fix a bug and send a PR to appear as contributor


Originally it took AstroNvim as base. But implements this VIM config with some extras. Code has been simplified while retaining its core features. NormalNvim has also contributed to the code of many of the plugins included, in order to debug them and make them better.

Special thanks to LeoRed04 for designing the logo.


Did you know NormalNvim was the first Neovim distro to ship a compiler that support 22+ programming languages out of the box?


  • We are currently in a stable state.
  • Once selene add this and this and this, let's add the new rules.
  • During 2024, create a landing page. Pretty much it's gonna be the same thing we have on the wiki, but with sparkles.