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8 months ago


The plugin is designed for working with mutiple sessions. With it, you can easily store and change your session. This plugin is closly integrated with telescope.nvim, so please make sure telescope.nvim is in your dependencies.


Using any plugin manager you like, here is how to use with lazy.nvim plugin manager:

    dependencies = {
        opts = {session_dir = "/path/of/dir/where/you/want/to/save/all/sessions"}


So far only Configuration is to provide the path of the directory where your want to save all your session via passing session_dir in opts, otherwise leave it as blank table i.e. opts = {}, and it will save the session into directory .spectacle at the current working directory of the working file.


API Description
SpectacleSave() Save session
SpectacleSaveAs() Save current session as a new session
SpectacleTelescope() Open a telescope picker to manage sessions, you can press <CR> to select a session, r to rename a session, and d to delete a session, (Be sure you are in normal mode)

For example, you can call SpectacleTelescope() API like this:

:lua require('spectacle').SpectacleTelescope()

You can also set a keymap to conviniently call the function like this:

vim.api.nvim_set_keymap("n", "<leader>t", "<cmd>:lua require('spectacle').SpectacleTelescope()<cr>",{})

How it works

It simply saves the session content generated from command :mksession to a folder named .spectacle stored in current working directory. The session file stored in .spectacle folder stands for a single session. Its name is the session name. For example, conisder you create a session named default, its session file default.vim will be stored in .spectacle.