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2 years ago



  • Install in one line of code (view here for more info).
  • Blazingly fast. Average startup time of around 260m.
  • Written in 100% Lua.
  • Easily able to install (view here for more info):
    • LSP
    • Debuggers
    • Formatters
    • Linters
    • TreeSitter Parsers
  • Git integration with vim-fugitive and vim-gitgutter.
  • Multiple statuslines.
  • Code snippets powered by UltiSnips.
  • Dynamic homepage with alpha-vim.
  • Distraction free writing with ZenMode and Twilight.
  • Common sense keybindings.
  • Uses Which-Key so you never forget your keybindings.
  • Super configurable (view here for more info).
  • Already comes with dozens of builtin stuff (view here for more info).
  • Comes with a simple, intuitive config file (view here for more info).


:warning: You need the latest neovim version, which currently is 0.8. If you don't have or don't want to have the latest version, then go here.

Installing the Latest Version

bash <(curl -s --nightly

Installing the Latest Stable Version

bash <(curl -s --stable

Installing a specific Version

bash <(curl -s --version 0.x



Huge shoutout to the following people and organizations:

  • LunarVim: I used a ton of their code and their project structure. Without them, it would've probebly would've taken me 5 months to start this project.
  • Christian Chiarulli: He inspired me to create this project with his NeoVim from Scratch and Making NeoVim an IDE series.
  • Gideon Wolfe: I also borrowed some of his code and his idea from his vim.reaper project.
  • Wincent: I got many ideas from his Vim/NeoVim configuration setup.
  • Sweet_Ad6090: He's the skilled man who created the logo for me. If you need any logo designing, he's your guy. Send him a message through reddit, and he's be happy to help you out.