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Vim be good is a plugin designed to make you better at vim by creating a game to practice basic movements in.

Programmed with Love and Fury

and tunes


  • The code is a heaping pile of awfulness. It was developed live on Twitch, which means I did not carefully think through anything other than memes.
  • If you wish to create your own game, look at how relative is done. Everything else should be straight forward, except for the parts that are not.


The difficulty only works on a few games for now. Still a work in progress, if you have any ideas, please submit them either as tickets or as a PR.


Please submit a ticket for your idea!!!


Games - relative

By default vim be good returns random offset for game difficulty above noob, if you wish to set fixed offset set vim_be_good_delete_me_offset to desired value.

let g:vim_be_good_delete_me_offset = 35

Instructions are at the top of games.

here too!

To play relative you need to delete the line that says DELETE ME. Use relative jumps

To play ci{ you need to replace the contents inside the first { or [ with bar. HINT, use ci[ or ci{ and type bar.

To play whackamole you need to navigate to the character with the caret under it as fast as possible. Once you have reached the character, flip the character's case to complete the round.



  1. Use your favorite plugin manager to install! Only works on Nvim, the one true vim.
Plug 'ThePrimeagen/vim-be-good'


If you would like, you can use docker to run the game. Doing this will automatically use the correct version of neovim for you, as well as run the game immediately when neovim starts.

Stable image

This image always runs the version of the game that was bundled when the image was built. Images are generally built within one day of the main branch receiving new commits, but you won't get the new images unless you manually run docker pull brandoncc/vim-be-good:stable periodically.

docker run -it --rm brandoncc/vim-be-good:stable

"Latest" image

This image runs :PlugUpdate before running neovim. This adds about one second to the startup time of the game. The trade-off is that you are always playing the latest version of the game, as long as your machine is able to access to pull it.

docker run -it --rm brandoncc/vim-be-good:latest

Playing the games.

Before doing ANYTHING at all, make sure you are in an empty file. If the file you are in is not empty, VimBeGood will throw an error.

Ok, you are in an empty file, so first execute the following.


This will echo out the available set of games. Each game can take a set of options to change how it is played, the above help menu should include each game.

Future Games

Please make an issue if you have a command you wish to practice and i'll make it into a game!!


Please file an issue. But if you do, please run the logger first and paste in the input.

To initialize the logger, add this to your vimrc

let g:vim_be_good_log_file = 1

to get the log file executed :echo stdpath("data") to find the path and then copy paste it into the issues.


  • Fork
  • Create a feature branch
  • Make changes
  • Modify the configuration to use local build: ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
    call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
    Plug '/tmp/vim-be-good' " path to your vim-be-good fork
    call plug#end()
You can also just use nvim --cmd "set rtp+=$(pwd)" . to set your current
run time path
  • Make PR

Live on Stream

Everything you see here has been developed on stream at ThePrimeagen. Stop by and troll away. Helpful troll hints would be to complement the size of my hands.

Big shout outs to PolarMutex, Brandon CC (stands for credit card) and TEEEEEEEEEJ @brandoncc @bryall @tjdevries