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4 months ago

Persistent checkpoints

persistent-breakpoints is a lua plugin for Neovim to save the nvim-dap's checkpoints to file and automatically load them when you open neovim. It is based on the code in here, but has better performance and some bugs are fixed.

This is a simple and stable plugin. It is not supposed to have frequent update. You can feel free to use this plugin if there is no issue or PR in this repo.

:star: Your stars are my biggest motivation.


with packer.nvim

use {'Weissle/persistent-breakpoints.nvim'}

or with vim-plug

Plug 'Weissle/persistent-breakpoints.nvim'


    load_breakpoints_event = { "BufReadPost" }

Below is the default config, you can change it according to your need.

    save_dir = vim.fn.stdpath('data') .. '/nvim_checkpoints',
    -- when to load the breakpoints? "BufReadPost" is recommanded.
    load_breakpoints_event = nil,
    -- record the performance of different function. run :lua require('persistent-breakpoints.api').print_perf_data() to see the result.
    perf_record = false,
    -- perform callback when loading a persisted breakpoint
    --- @param opts DAPBreakpointOptions options used to create the breakpoint ({condition, logMessage, hitCondition})
    --- @param buf_id integer the buffer the breakpoint was set on
    --- @param line integer the line the breakpoint was set on
    on_load_breakpoint = nil,


local opts = { noremap = true, silent = true }
local keymap = vim.api.nvim_set_keymap
-- Save breakpoints to file automatically.
keymap("n", "<YourKey1>", "<cmd>lua require('persistent-breakpoints.api').toggle_breakpoint()<cr>", opts)
keymap("n", "<YourKey2>", "<cmd>lua require('persistent-breakpoints.api').set_conditional_breakpoint()<cr>", opts)
keymap("n", "<YourKey3>", "<cmd>lua require('persistent-breakpoints.api').clear_all_breakpoints()<cr>", opts)


Like :lua require('dap').toggle_breakpoint()


Like :lua require('dap').set_breakpoint(vim.fn.input('[Condition] > '))


Like :lua require('dap').clear_breakpoints()


  • Unlike Vscode, persistent breakpoints will only be set when the corresponding file is loaded info buffer. But it can save the breakpoints properly even if a buffer with breakpoints have been closed.
  • Like Vscode, if your pwd is /a/b/ and you add breakpoints to file /a/b/c.xx, file /a/b/c.xx's breakpoints are not loaded when your pwd is not /a/b/.
    Therefore, a session manager plugin is recommended.


PR and ISSUE are welcome:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Bug fix
  • Useful and necessary features.