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Garbage collector that stops inactive LSP clients to free RAM



In many scenarios, unmanaged LSP clients running on background can take several Gb of RAM. So I wrote this LSP garbage collector for NormalNvim to auto free it. But you can use it on any distro.

How to setup

Add this to lazy

  dependencies = "neovim/nvim-lspconfig",
  event = "VeryLazy",
  opts = {
    -- your options here

We also support changing opts on execution time like :let g:garbage_day_config['option']='value'

Available options

Name Default Description
aggressive_mode false Set it to true to stop all lsp clients except the current buffer, every time you enter a buffer. aggressive_mode ignores grace_period, and it only triggers when entering a buffer with a different filetype than the current buffer. Ensures the maximum RAM save.
excluded_lsp_clients {"null-ls", "jdtls"} LSP clients that should never be stopped. Useful for LSP clients that miss behave.
grace_period 60*15 Seconds to wait before stopping all LSP clients after neovim loses focus.
wakeup_delay 0 Milliseconds to wait before restoring LSP after the mouse re-enters nvim. Useful to avoid waking up the LSP clients by accident when passing the mouse over it.

Debug options

You can tweak them in case some particular LSP client don't start/stop correctly on your machine.

Name Default Description
aggressive_mode_ignore here Buffers to ignore on aggressive_mode.
notifications false Set it to true to get a notification every time LSP garbage collection triggers.
retries 3 Times to try to start a LSP client before giving up.
timeout 1000 Milliseconds that will take for retries to complete. Example: by default we try 3 retries for 1000ms.

IMPORTANT: If you change the default values, make sure the value of grace_period is always bigger than timeout/1000. This ensures you are leaving enough time between stop_lsp()/start_lsp(), so they don't overlap.


  • If it doesn't work This plugin has been tested with neovim 0.9 and 0.10. If you are in a neovim version superior to nvim 0.10, and it doesn't work, please open a issue tagging me and I will fix it.
  • Can I manually trigger garbage collection? Yes, you can do it like
require("garbage-day.utils").stop_lsp()  -- stop all lsp clients.
require("garbage-day.utils").start_lsp() -- start lsp clients for the current buffer.

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Other alternatives


  • Once nvim 0.10 is oficially released and we drop 0.9 support, we must replace the deprecated function get_active_clients() by get_clients().