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2 months ago

You can makeit.nvim ❤️

Makeit.nvim lists the options defined on your project Makefile screenshot_2023-09-01_10-20-30_465268693

After selecting an option, you can visualize the result screenshot_2023-09-01_10-20-37_056327408

When should I use this plugin?

In scenarios where you prefer to manually write your own commands to build and run your project, instead of using compiler.nvim.

How to install

lazy.nvim package manager

{ -- This plugin
  cmd = {"MakeitOpen", "MakeitToggleResults", "MakeitRedo"},
  dependencies = { "stevearc/overseer.nvim" },
  opts = {},
{ -- The task runner we use
  commit = "400e762648b70397d0d315e5acaf0ff3597f2d8b",
  cmd = {"MakeitOpen", "MakeitToggleResults", "MakeitRedo"},
  opts = {
    task_list = {
      direction = "bottom",
      min_height = 25,
      max_height = 25,
      default_detail = 1


Command Description
:MakeitOpen Shows all the options defined in your Makefile.
:MakeitToggleResults Open or close the results of running your makefile.
:MakeitRedo Redo the last selected option.
:MakeitStop Dispose all tasks.


  • Do this plugin support any operative system? YES: As long as you can run the commands make and echo on your terminal, makeit.nvim will be able to use them.

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