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Visualize your Markdown as mindmaps with markmap



This plugin is based on vim's coc-markmap, which I missed when moving to Neovim. If you wanna know more about mindmap check their website, docs and GitHub repository. This plugin is compatible with Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Android Termux.


  • yarn

How to install using lazy.nvim

--  [markdown markmap]
--  https://github.com/Zeioth/markmap.nvim
  build = "yarn global add markmap-cli",
  cmd = { "MarkmapOpen", "MarkmapSave", "MarkmapWatch", "MarkmapWatchStop" },
  opts = {
    html_output = "/tmp/markmap.html", -- (default) Setting a empty string "" here means: [Current buffer path].html
    hide_toolbar = false, -- (default)
    grace_period = 3600000 -- (default) Stops markmap watch after 60 minutes. Set it to 0 to disable the grace_period.
  config = function(_, opts) require("markmap").setup(opts) end

How to use

Markmap.nvim provide the next commands:

Command Description
:MarkmapOpen Open markmap
:MarkmapSave Save markmap without opening it
:MarkmapWatch Open markmap and watch for changes
:MarkmapWatchStop The watch server ends automatically after a grace period, or when closing nvim. But it can also be stopped manually with this command.

Note that all these commands will always generate a .html file in html_output. Take advantage of this if you want to keep the graph.


Run :healthcheck markmap. This command will tell you the depencencies you are missing. If the command do not exist, it means you are using an async package manager, so double check the package is beign loaded. These are the most common issues you will find:

  • Run
yarn global add markmap-cli
  • Now try to run

If the executable is not found, that means you need to add yarn to your PATH. This is normally done in your .profile, bashrc, or zshrc file like this:

# PATH Example
export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:\

If you prefer using npm over yarn, you can, but double check that you have the user space correctly configured as in some systems this is not enabled by default (see here).

If you are on windows, the process is the same. But the place to set PATH may change from one windows version to another.

🌟 Support the project

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