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15 days ago


View and navigate a table of contents for markup files.

This NeoVim plugin, written in Lua, extracts a table of contents (TOC) from markup buffers and presents it in an unobtrusive floating window. The floating overview can also be used to navigate the open buffer. The TOC is updated as the buffer contents change (tree-sitter is not required). Note that the floating overview window is not focusable with :wincmd. Instead, please set a mapping for require("overview.nvim").focus (see the configuration suggestion below).

overview.nvim demo

Filetype support:

  • markdown (no setext headers yet)
  • man (improvement of gO or :lua require('man').show_toc())
  • toml (also dosini)
  • tex (vimtex provides vimtex-toc)
  • help
  • asciidoc
  • rst (reStructuredText)
  • html
  • xml


  • list of symbols for current buffer (requires an active language server for the buffer)
    • allow a (per-filetype?) configurable filter for the list
    • allow multiline entries (e.g. from texlab LSP)

Install the plugin using your preferred plugin manager. Alternatively, NeoVim can load packages if they are added to your 'packpath'.

Configuration suggestion:

-- Set up key bindings to toggle/focus the TOC sidebar.
overview = require("overview.nvim")
if overview ~= nil then
    vim.keymap.set("n", "gO", overview.toggle, { desc = "Toggle Overview sidebar for current buffer" })
    vim.keymap.set("n", "go", overview.focus, { desc = "Toggle focus between Overview sidebar and source buffer" })

Available options are described in :help overview.

Please send patches/queries to my public inbox.