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A warm, minimalist colorscheme for (neo)vim

This colorscheme uses only 16 distinct colors for the dark or light theme. It looks best with termguicolors enabled, but a fallback theme is also provided if this option is not enabled (e.g. in the Linux vconsole). It should work on Vim version 8 or later, and supports additional highlight groups introduced in NeoVim 0.10.

This colorscheme is not affiliated with mellow.nvim.

Screenshots taken on alacritty with LiberationMono font:

For more screenshots, check the wiki, or


If you use a vim plugin manager, consult the relevant documentation. Otherwise, please add at least the autoload, colors and doc folders to your (Neo)Vim package/runtime path.

After installing the colorscheme, please read :help mellow for information on usage and available options.

Statusline integration

Two statusline plugins are currently supported:

  • Lightline : set the Lightline colorscheme to 'mellow', requires termguicolors (I don't use this statusline, so please contribute patches or at least report an issue if the integration needs to be fixed)
  • mellow statusline : my simple ASCII statusline, requires let g:mellow_user_colors = 1


This theme was first motivated by a lack of bg=light option in vim-farout, which uses a similar minimalist set of warm red and yellow colors. I wanted a light theme with moderate contrast and warm colors, that didn't make me want to change every single syntax file. To me, Mellow lies mid-way between :syntax off and popular themes like solarized or gruvbox.

And that's just the way I like it :)

Since the theme uses only 16 colors, you can use the same colors in your terminal of choice. Check the wiki for an example Alacritty theme, as well as experimental Mellow colorschemes for some other Linux stuff.