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5 months ago


My dotfile configuration. Covers Neovim, TMUX, Git, ZSH and some other things, too.

Installing the doftiles

  1. Pull the project into your home directory

    git clone ~/.dotfiles
    git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Run the installation script

  3. Unless you're me, change the Git configuration to your own name and email address

Make CAPSLOCK Useful

I hate CAPSLOCK and don't find it useful at all. However, is does occupy a really useful place on the keyboard. I've found the best use for it to be mapping it such that tapping it sends ESC and holding it works as CONTROL. This way, you can hold it down using your pinky finger as a modifier, or give it a quick tap to pop out of insert mode in Vim.

(High) Sierra

Karabiner and Seil are no longer supported on Sierra and later. Instead, there is Karabiner Elements which achieves the same task, but is a bit easier to use. Download the latest version, and check out my configuration within karabiner/karabiner.json for an example of how to set this up.

El Capitan

The instructions for doing this using Karabiner and Seil can be found here.