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Discord Rich Presence plugin for Neovim


  • Light and unobtrusive
  • No Python/Node providers (or CoC) required
  • Cross-platform support: macOS, nixOS, Linux*, Windows*, WSL*
  • Startup time is fast(er than other Rich Presence plugins, by kind of a lot)
  • Written in Lua and highly configurable in Lua (but also configurable in VimL if you want)
  • Manages Rich Presence across multiple Neovim instances in various environments (tmux panes/windows, ssh sessions, terminal tabs/windows, etc.)


Use your favorite plugin manager


  • Requires Neovim 0.5 or higher
  • Rich Presence should work automatically after installation (unless you're using WSL, in which case see here)
  • If you're using an unofficial Discord package on Linux (flatpak, snap, etc.), you may need to follow some instructions to expose the Discord socket on your system (e.g. flatpak instructions)


Configuration is not necessary for Rich Presence to work. But for those that want to override the default configs, the following options are available to configure in either Lua or VimL.


Require the plugin and call setup with a config table with one or more of the following keys:

-- The setup config table shows all available config options with their default values:
    -- General options
    auto_update         = true,                       -- Update activity based on autocmd events (if `false`, map or manually execute `:lua package.loaded.presence:update()`)
    neovim_image_text   = "The One True Text Editor", -- Text displayed when hovered over the Neovim image
    main_image          = "neovim",                   -- Main image display (either "neovim" or "file")
    client_id           = "793271441293967371",       -- Use your own Discord application client id (not recommended)
    log_level           = nil,                        -- Log messages at or above this level (one of the following: "debug", "info", "warn", "error")
    debounce_timeout    = 10,                         -- Number of seconds to debounce events (or calls to `:lua package.loaded.presence:update(<filename>, true)`)
    enable_line_number  = false,                      -- Displays the current line number instead of the current project
    blacklist           = {},                         -- A list of strings or Lua patterns that disable Rich Presence if the current file name, path, or workspace matches
    buttons             = true,                       -- Configure Rich Presence button(s), either a boolean to enable/disable, a static table (`{{ label = "<label>", url = "<url>" }, ...}`, or a function(buffer: string, repo_url: string|nil): table)
    file_assets         = {},                         -- Custom file asset definitions keyed by file names and extensions (see default config at `lua/presence/file_assets.lua` for reference)
    show_time           = true,                       -- Show the timer

    -- Rich Presence text options
    editing_text        = "Editing %s",               -- Format string rendered when an editable file is loaded in the buffer (either string or function(filename: string): string)
    file_explorer_text  = "Browsing %s",              -- Format string rendered when browsing a file explorer (either string or function(file_explorer_name: string): string)
    git_commit_text     = "Committing changes",       -- Format string rendered when committing changes in git (either string or function(filename: string): string)
    plugin_manager_text = "Managing plugins",         -- Format string rendered when managing plugins (either string or function(plugin_manager_name: string): string)
    reading_text        = "Reading %s",               -- Format string rendered when a read-only or unmodifiable file is loaded in the buffer (either string or function(filename: string): string)
    workspace_text      = "Working on %s",            -- Format string rendered when in a git repository (either string or function(project_name: string|nil, filename: string): string)
    line_number_text    = "Line %s out of %s",        -- Format string rendered when `enable_line_number` is set to true (either string or function(line_number: number, line_count: number): string)


Or if global variables are more your thing, you can use any of the following instead:

" General options
let g:presence_auto_update         = 1
let g:presence_neovim_image_text   = "The One True Text Editor"
let g:presence_main_image          = "neovim"
let g:presence_client_id           = "793271441293967371"
let g:presence_log_level
let g:presence_debounce_timeout    = 10
let g:presence_enable_line_number  = 0
let g:presence_blacklist           = []
let g:presence_buttons             = 1
let g:presence_file_assets         = {}
let g:presence_show_time           = 1

" Rich Presence text options
let g:presence_editing_text        = "Editing %s"
let g:presence_file_explorer_text  = "Browsing %s"
let g:presence_git_commit_text     = "Committing changes"
let g:presence_plugin_manager_text = "Managing plugins"
let g:presence_reading_text        = "Reading %s"
let g:presence_workspace_text      = "Working on %s"
let g:presence_line_number_text    = "Line %s out of %s"


  • Ensure that Discord is running
  • Ensure that your Neovim version is 0.5 or higher
  • Ensure Game Activity is enabled in your Discord settings
  • Enable logging and inspect the logs after opening a buffer
  • If there is a Failed to determine Discord IPC socket error, your particular OS may not yet be supported
    • If you don't see an existing issue or card for your OS, create a prefixed issue (e.g. [Void Linux])
  • Still not working and need help? Create a new issue!


  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Enable logging and ensure that presence.nvim is not in the list of vim plugins in your config
  • Run nvim with your local changes: nvim --cmd 'set rtp+=path/to/your/local/presence.nvim' file.txt
  • Ensure that there are no luacheck errors: luacheck lua


Pull requests are very welcome, feel free to open an issue to work on any of the open todo items or message droob#1322 on Discord!

Asset additions and changes are also welcome! Supported file types can be found in file_assets.lua and their referenced asset files can be found in this folder.