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:construction: Install CodeArt easily

please backup any existing configuration files

🐧🍎 On linux and macOS:

git clone ~/.config/nvim
chmod +x ~/.config/nvim/installer/
exec ~/.config/nvim/installer/

If you have debian, after the instalation finished you must add debian testing repos and after that run:

sudo apt update; sudo apt install neovim

And after that open neovim and run :PackerSync and then reopen nevom!

🪟 on Windows:

please backup any existing configuration files

⚡🐚 open a powershell session as administrator and run this command:

git clone $HOME\AppData\Local\nvim
powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file $HOME\AppData\Local\nvim\installer\windows.ps1

🌲💺Σ🖥️ Install lsp and treesitter:

  • You can install lsp for a language with :LspInstall <language>
  • You can install treesitter with :TSInstall <language>

These NeoVim configurations use many nerd fonts icons. JetBrains Mono will be installed by default. If you have problem for fonts and see weird icons you must change your terminal font.

⬆️📅 How to update CodeArt:

Very important note: Updating CodeArt will replace this github repo configs directory with ~/.config/nvim so if you don't want to lose any existing modifications you've made you must put your modifications into ~/.config/nvim/lua/user_settings.lua on linux and mac, put your configs in C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Local\nvim\lua\user_settings.lua if you use Windows

  • Run :CodeArtUpdate inside NeoVim
  • Restart NeoVim
  • Run :PackerSync
  • Restart NeoVim!

:camera_flash: Screenshots:


:art: Many themes!

Enfocado Screenshot8 Tokyonight with storm style Screenshot2 Tokyonight with night style Screenshot3 Tokyonight with day style Screenshot4 Nightfly Screenshot5 Moonfly Screenshot6 Nord Screenshot7 Onedark with dark style Screenshot9 Onedark with darker style Screenshot10 Onedark with cool style Screenshot11 Onedark with deep style Screenshot12 Onedark with warm style Screenshot13 Onedark with warmer style Screenshot13

:sparkles: Features:

  • 😴 Lazy load plugins!. With lazy loading NeoVim starts up very fast. It took me around 20 miliseconds on a virtual machine with 4GB ram and 2 Cores LazyLoad

  • Σ🖥️ Native LSP code completion support with documentation CodeCompletion

  • 🌲💺 Treesitter based code highlighting Treesitter

  • 🌳:card_file_box: NvimTree as file tree FileTree

  • 🚏🚌 ToggleTerm as built in terminal Terminal

  • 🔭 Fuzzy finder Telescope

  • :white_check_mark: TODO viewer TODO1 TODO2

  • :bookmark: Tag viewer TagViewer

  • 🤔🔑 Whichkey Wichkey

  • Status line with git and lsp indicator + File manager and bufferline lsp indicator StatusLine