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Comrade Build Status

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Brings JetBrains/IntelliJ IDEs magic to Neovim with minimal setup.

The whole idea behind this is creating a neovim client as an IntelliJ/JetBrains IDE plugin, maintaining bi-directly synchronization of editing buffers between IDE and neovim, then request the IDE for the code assistant information from neovim.

ComradeNeovim is required to be installed in the IDE to make this work.


Flutter in Android Studio


Note: Comrade requires Neovim (0.3.2+) with Python3.6.1+enabled. Note: JetBrains IDEs (2018.3+) is required.

  • Search for ComradeNeovim in the IntelliJ plugin market and install it.
  • Install deoplete for code completion.
Plug 'Shougo/deoplete.nvim', { 'do': ':UpdateRemotePlugins' }
  • Install this plugin.

For vim-plug

Plug 'beeender/Comrade'


  1. Keep the project opened in the JetBrains IDE which contains the source file you want to edit in neovim.
  2. Start using neovim to edit any files belong to that project.

By default, the IDE side plugin will automatically connect to any running neovim instance it discovered and monitoring the current editing buffer. If it can find a neovim buffer which is associated to any files in the project, the IDE plugin will connect to neovim and start all the Comrade functionalities to that buffer.

When IDE and neovim get connected, the both editing activities will be synced to each other. You would be able to see changes made in one window (either IDE or neovim) appears in the other in a short time.

Also, the file write action (:w) will be taken over by the IDE to avoid content conflicts.


If the deoplete is installed and enabled, the completion should work out of box. It should support any types of languages which the IDE supports.


Comrade should be able to do linting on the fly just like what JetBrains IDE is doing. You don't have to save the file to get the linting result. The linting refresh will be triggered automatically whenever there is a change in the file buffer.

The linting items are controlled by the IDE's inspection settings. Changing inspection settings in the IDE side will result linting change in the neovim side accordingly.


When a coding problem has been detected, Comrade can call into the IDE's quick fix system to make a quick fix of it. To use this, just move the cursor to the problem position and call ComradeFix command or use default key binding <LEADER><LEADER>f.

IDE itself has a very large amount of quick fixes. Some of them require user's interactions in the IDE. It is quite difficult to support all of them. Although Comrade restricts the fixers in a small but most important range, there still could be some issues with fixers like the neovim lost the focus. Please see this issue.

Mapped Keys

  • Quick fix at the current cursor

To change the key map:

let g:comrade_key_fix = <your_mapped_keys>

Supported IDEs

In theory, this plugin should support all JetBrains IDEs after version 2018.3. Since not all of them are free, only part of them have been verified by us. Please let us know or send a PR to change the IDE support status below:

IDE Status Remarks
Android Studio verified
AppCode unknown
CLion verified
GoLand unknown
IDEA verified
PhpStorm unknown
PyCharm verified
Rider unknown
RubyMine unknown
WebStorm unknown

Supported Languages

Same as the IDE support, this plugin should support all languages which your JetBrains IDE support. This could also support files like xml layout in the Android project if the IDE supports it. Please let us know or send a PR to change the language support status below:

Language Status Remarks
C unknown
C# unknown
C++ unknown
Dart verified with IntelliJ Dart Plugin
Java verified
Kotlin verified
ObjC unknown
PHP unknown
Python verified
Rust verified with IntelliJ Rust
Swift unknown
Go unknown
Ruby unknown

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!