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5 months ago

Vim Keybindings in Neovim's Built-in Terminal

No more smashing left and right arrow when you make a typo.
You can now smash h and l instead 😉.

💪 Supported Actions

  • Enter insert: i, a, A, I.
  • Delete: d<motion>, dd, D, x, X.
  • Change: c<motion>, cc, C, s, S.
  • Visual change: c in visual mode.
  • Visual delete: d, D, x, X in visual mode.
  • Paste: p P "<register>p "<register>P
  • Replace: r in normal mode
  • Enter insert as if this plugin doesn't exist: <C-i>
  • Paste as if this plugin doesn't exist: <C-p> & <C-P>

📦 Installation


    lazy = false, -- or ft = 'toggleterm' if you use toggleterm.nvim
    version = '1.*',


use { 'chomosuke/term-edit.nvim', tag = 'v1.*' }


Plug 'chomosuke/term-edit.nvim', {'tag': 'v1.*'}

🛠️ Setup

Calling require 'term-edit'.setup(opts) is mandatory

require 'term-edit'.setup {
    -- Mandatory option:
    -- Set this to a lua pattern that would match the end of your prompt.
    -- Or a table of multiple lua patterns where at least one would match the
    -- end of your prompt at any given time.
    -- For most bash/zsh user this is '%$ '.
    -- For most powershell/fish user this is '> '.
    -- For most windows cmd user this is '>'.
    prompt_end = '%$ ',
    -- How to write lua patterns:

⚙️ Configuration

This plugin should work out of the box with default settings.

local default_opts = {
    -- Setting this true will enable printing debug information with print()
    debug = false,

    -- Number of event loops it takes for <Left>, <Right> or <BS> keys to change
    -- the cursor's position.
    -- If term-edit.nvim is unreliable, increasing this value could help.
    -- Decreasing this value can increase the responsiveness of term-edit.nvim
    feedkeys_delay = 10,

    -- Use case 1: I want to press 'o' instead of 'i' to enter insert.
    --   `mapping = { n --[[normal mode]] = { i = 'o' } }`
    --   `vim.keymap.set('n', 'o', 'i', { remap = true })` will achieve the same
    --   thing. (won't work without remap = true)
    -- Use case 2: I want to map 'c' to 'd' and 'd' to 'c'
    --   (keymap with remap is no longer an option)
    --   `mapping = { n = { c = 'd', d = 'c' } }` (will also map 'cc' to 'dd'
    --   and 'dd' to 'cc')
    -- Use case 3: I already mapped s to something else and do not want
    --   term-edit.nvim to override my mapping.
    --   `mapping = { n = { s = false } }`
    -- For more examples and detailed explaination, see :h term-edit.mapping
    mapping = {
        -- mode = {
        --     lhs = new_lhs
        -- }

    -- If this function returns true, term-edit.nvim will use up and down arrow
    -- to move the cursor as well as left and right arrow.
    -- It will be called before terminal mode is entered and the cursor is moved.
    use_up_down_arrows = function()
        return false
        -- -- In certain environment, left and right arrows can not move the
        -- -- cursor to the previous or next line, but up and down arrows can,
        -- -- one example is ipython.
        -- -- Below is an example that works for ipython
        -- -- get content for line under cursor
        -- local line = vim.fn.getline(vim.fn.line '.')
        -- if line:find(']:', 1, true) or line:find('...:', 1, true) then
        --   return true
        -- else
        --   return false
        -- end

    -- Used to detect the start of the command
    -- prompt_end = no default, this is mandatory

🚫 Limitations

  • This plugin assumes there are no <Tab> though it might tolerate it.
  • This plugin might feed more <Left>, <Right> and <BS> to the shell than necessary. This can happen when it is instructed to go somewhere it can't reach or delete something not a part of the command. This may make your terminal beep if you have audio bell enabled.
  • The above limitation is worse in powershell and zsh, as for them, <Right> is set as confirm completion. As a result, if the cursor is somewhere after the end of the command, completion will be triggered.
  • Issue #29: Sometimes there appears to be dangling spaces after the end of the command, this is an upstream bug/limitation.
  • Some shells react especially slowly, e.g. powershell. Increase feedkeys_delay to 20000 before opening an issue.

💻 Contribution

All PRs are welcome.