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The Neovim plugin for Enter-tainer/typst-preview.

💪 Features

  • Low latency preview: preview your document instantly on type. The incremental rendering technique makes the preview latency as low as possible.
  • Cross jump between code and preview. You can click on the preview to jump to the corresponding code location and have the preview follow your cursor in Neovim.

📦 Installation


  lazy = false, -- or ft = 'typst'
  version = '0.3.*',
  build = function() require 'typst-preview'.update() end,


use {
  tag = 'v0.3.*',
  run = function() require 'typst-preview'.update() end,


Plug 'chomosuke/typst-preview.nvim', {'tag': 'v0.3.*', do: ':TypstPreviewUpdate'}

🚀 Usage

Commands / Functions:

  • :TypstPreviewUpdate or require 'typst-preview'.update():
    • Download the necessary binaries to vim.fn.fnamemodify(vim.fn.stdpath 'data' .. '/typst-preview/', ':p').
    • This must be run before any other commands can be run.
      • If you followed the installation instructions, your package manager should automatically run this for you.
  • :TypstPreview:
    • Start the preview. Optionally, the desired preview mode can be specified: :TypstPreview document (default) or :TypstPreview slide for slide mode.
  • :TypstPreviewStop:
    • Stop the preview.
  • :TypstPreviewToggle:
    • Toggle the preview.
  • :TypstPreviewFollowCursor or require 'typst-preview'.set_follow_cursor(true):
    • Scroll preview as cursor moves.
    • This is on by default.
  • :TypstPreviewNoFollowCursor or require 'typst-preview'.set_follow_cursor(false):
    • Don't scroll preview as cursor moves.
  • :TypstPreviewFollowCursorToggle or require 'typst-preview'.set_follow_cursor(not init.get_follow_cursor()).
  • :TypstPreviewSyncCursor or require 'typst-preview'.sync_with_cursor():
    • Scroll preview to the current cursor position. This can be used in combination with :TypstPreviewNoFollowCursor so that the preview only scroll to the current cursor position when you want it to.

⚙️ Configuration

This plugin should work out of the box with no configuration. Call to setup() is not required.


require 'typst-preview'.setup {
  -- Setting this true will enable printing debug information with print()
  debug = false,

  -- Custom format string to open the output link provided with %s
  -- Example: open_cmd = 'firefox %s -P typst-preview --class typst-preview'
  open_cmd = nil,

  -- Setting this to 'always' will invert black and white in the preview
  -- Setting this to 'auto' will invert depending if the browser has enable
  -- dark mode
  invert_colors = 'never',

  -- Whether the preview will follow the cursor in the source file
  follow_cursor = true,

  -- Provide the path to binaries for dependencies.
  -- Setting this will skip the download of the binary by the plugin.
  -- Warning: Be aware that your version might be older than the one
  -- required.
  dependencies_bin = {
          ['typst-preview'] = nil,
          ['websocat'] = nil

  -- This function will be called to determine the root of the typst project
  get_root = function(path_of_main_file)
    return vim.fn.fnamemodify(path_of_main_file, ':p:h')

  -- This function will be called to determine the main file of the typst
  -- project.
  get_main_file = function(path_of_buffer)
    return path_of_buffer

❓ Comparison with other tools

The author of Enter-tainer/typst-preview wrote a good comparison here.

  • niuiic/typst-preview.nvim: Since niuiic/typst-preview.nvim uses typst-lsp, it has similar advantages and disadvantages of typst-lsp mentioned here:
    • Higher latency due to the PDF reader having a delay.
    • Does not support cross jump between code and preview.

💻 Contribution

All PRs are welcome.


This plugin wouldn't be possible without the work of Enter-tainer/typst-preview. If you like this plugin enough to star it, please consider starring Enter-tainer/typst-preview as well.