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Neovim Utilities for Alfred

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Search neovim plugins and online :help of neovim and plugins via Alfred.

Demo 1 Demo 2


  • :h: Searches the neovim online :help. Groups synonyms together, for example, :w and :write both get one item.
    • ⏎: Open the respective help.
    • ⌥⏎: Copy the help URL to the clipboard.
  • vp: Searches neovimcraft for neovim plugins. Mnemonic: [v]im [p]lugins.
    • ⏎: Open the GitHub repo.
    • ⌘⏎: Open the :help in the browser (Vimdoc converted to HTML).
    • ⌥⏎: Copy the GitHub URL to the clipboard.
  • ip: Search for plugins (and Mason tools) installed locally on your device. Mnemonic: [i]installed [p]lugins. The modifiers (⌘⌥⌃⇧) from the plugin-search also apply for this command. In addition:
    • fn⏎: Open the local directory of the plugin in Finder.
  • mason: Search for tools available via mason.nvim.
  • :old: Displays and searches your :oldfiles. Opens them in the system's default editor for the respective filetype. (To open them directly in neovim, you need a neovim GUI with Open With… capability though.)

[!NOTE] All keywords are customizable in the settings.


Requirements: Alfred 5 (macOS only) with Powerpack.

Download the latest release from the Alfred Gallery.


About the developer

In my day job, I am a sociologist studying the social mechanisms underlying the digital economy. For my PhD project, I investigate the governance of the app economy and how software ecosystems manage the tension between innovation and compatibility. If you are interested in this subject, feel free to get in touch.

I also occasionally blog about vim: Nano Tips for Vim