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nvim-dr-lsp 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Definitions and References utility for the LSP.

Lightweight plugin that highlights definitions and references of the word under the cursor and displays their count in the statusline.


Statusline Components


Definitions and references inside current buffer

LSP: 2D 6R

Definitions or references outside current buffer

LSP: 1(2)D 4(10)R
  • 1 definition in the current buffer
  • 2 definitions in the workspace
  • 4 references in the current buffer
  • 10 definitions in the workspace


  • LSP activity spinner, similar to fidget.nvim, but less obtrusive.
  • Ignores null-ls and none-ls.

API: lspCountTable

Returns the lspCount information as Lua table for custom formatting.

    file = {
        definitions = 1,
        references = 4,
    workspace = {
        definitions = 2,
        references = 10,


-- lazy.nvim
{ "chrisgrieser/nvim-dr-lsp" },

-- packer
use { "chrisgrieser/nvim-dr-lsp" }
-- adding the components to lualine.nvim
    sections = {
        lualine_c = {
            { require("dr-lsp").lspCount },
            { require("dr-lsp").lspProgress },

There is no .setup call for this plugin. Just add the components to your statusline.

Highlights of definition and references

  • Definitions are under-dashed, references are under-dotted.
  • These are set up automatically for you as soon as the buffer is attached to an LSP client.
  • To disable the highlights feature, set vim.g.dr_lsp_no_highlight = true before loading the plugin.

Customizing the components

There are no built-in options to format the components, since formatting can already be done with most statusline plugins. With Lualine, for example, you can use the fmt option:

lualine_c = {
        -- remove the letters from the component
        fmt = function(str) return str:gsub("[RD]", "") end,

Similar Plugins


The basic idea for the progress component came from folke.

About Me
In my day job, I am a sociologist studying the social mechanisms underlying the digital economy. For my PhD project, I investigate the governance of the app economy and how software ecosystems manage the tension between innovation and compatibility. If you are interested in this subject, feel free to get in touch.