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9 months ago


Unison at your fingertips

A little Neovim helper for Unison programming language.



  dependencies = {
    'rcarriga/nvim-notify'              -- A temporary requirement
  config = function()
    require('ucm').setup {
      endpoint = ''

The only supported setting now is endpoint. You can omit it, but then ucm.nvim will be asking you for you API endpoint, which you can get with api command inside ucm. Or you can just use a static one, like above with:

$ ucm --port 6783 --token local_ucm

This plugin works with ucm M5d and later.


This plugin exposes three Telescope pickers:

  • :Telescope ucm projects - this is the first picker you need to use, it allows you to specify a project and a branch. The will be saved for later, but bear in mind that your ucm might have a different opinion on a chosed project/branch pair
  • :Telescope ucm list - here you can navigate Unison namespaces like it's a usual filesystem
  • :Telescope ucm find - allows you to find terms and types by name as you type

Two latter pickers insert an entity to edit if you press Return.


Why not LSP?

Doing most of the things the plugin does currently is likely possible via LSP. But at the same time, ucm.nvim is planned to be much more than just an "interactive symbol viewer" - I plan to add many features (such as adding terms and types, creating and switching projects etc) that are simply out of scope of LSP.

ucm and ucm.nvim show me different projects

That's because running ucm instance does not provide info about project you're currently working on. Instead Telescope ucm project just picks a scope for search.