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My Personal Nvim Config

Some peeps like my setup. So here's how do it. I use a Mac. This probably won't help too much on other systems.


I do some a few crazy overrides of default mappings. I've done my best to annotate those with 'Warning:' in a comment prior to the mapping.


# Backup old config if needed.
mv ~/.config/nvim{,.bak}

# Clone this repo.
git clone git@github.com:ddrscott/config-nvm.git ~/.config/nvim

# Startup nvim. There will be errors. Just hit return.

# Install Plugins. Do this inside of NeoVim

# Quit and Restart NeoVim

Look and Feel

I use Base16 to setup colors in terminal, and Base16-vim to pass those colors through to vim. Please follow the direction on base16-shell go ensure things look great in Vim.

Also please make sure your terminal is set to use xterm-256.

Here's some links to get started:

Setup Tags

cd /path/to/project

# In side of NeoVim tags can be generated with:

Setup Ruby Support

Ruby bindings aren't built into NeoVim. So a lot of omnicompletion things won't behave the same as they do in Vim. Thankfully, some one as fixed that problem: https://github.com/alexgenco/neovim-ruby The project makes has('ruby') just work. Therefore the standard vim-ruby plugin can do its thing.

Please install the latest neovim-ruby gem using:

gem install neovim

The gem also enables you to create Ruby plugins for NeoVim. Enjoy!