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Very simple and minimal autocompletion for cmdline and buffer using LSP and Tree-sitter with signature help.

Originally I made this just for my dotfiles as I did not needed most of stuff existing plugins provided I had some issues with the ones that were close to what I wanted so as a learning exercise I decided to try and implement it by myself. Then I just extracted the code to separate plugin in case anyone else wanted to use it too. Just a warning, there might be some bugs and as this requires Neovim 0.10+ (e.g nightly), that one can also have bugs by itself.


Requires Neovim Nighly/development version. This version supports stuff like popup menu for completion menu and closing windows properly from cmdline callbacks.

For installation instructions/repository go here

If you want to use Tree-sitter autocompletion (as fallback when you dont have LSP server running) you also need to have nvim-treesitter plugin


Just use lazy.nvim or :h packages with git submodules or something else I don't care. Read the documentation of whatever you want to use.


Just require either buffer or cmd module or both and call setup on them.
NOTE: You dont need to provide the configuration, below is just default config, you can just call setup with no arguments for default.

-- LSP signature help
require("autocomplete.signature").setup {
    border = nil, -- Signature help border style
    width = 80, -- Max width of signature window
    height = 25, -- Max height of signature window
    debounce_delay = 100

-- buffer autocompletion with LSP and Tree-sitter
require("autocomplete.buffer").setup {
    entry_mapper = nil, -- Custom completion entry mapper
    debounce_delay = 100

-- cmdline autocompletion
require("autocomplete.cmd").setup {
    mappings = {
        accept = '<C-y>',
        reject = '<C-e>',
        complete = '<C-space>',
        next = '<C-n>',
        previous = '<C-p>',
    border = nil, -- Cmdline completion border style
    columns = 5, -- Number of columns per row
    rows = 0.3, -- Number of rows, if < 1 then its fraction of total vim lines, if > 1 then its absolute number
    close_on_done = true, -- Close completion window when done (accept/reject)
    debounce_delay = 100,

You also probably want to enable popup in completeopt to show documentation preview:

vim.o.completeopt = 'menuone,noinsert,popup'

And you also ideally want to set the capabilities so Neovim will fetch documentation when resolving completion items:

-- Here we grab default Neovim capabilities and extend them with ones we want on top
local capabilities = vim.tbl_deep_extend('force', 

-- Now set capabilities on your LSP servers
require('lspconfig')['<YOUR_LSP_SERVER>'].setup {
    capabilities = capabilities

If you want to disable <CR> to accept completion (as with autocomplete its very annoying) you can do this:

vim.keymap.set("i", "<CR>", function()
    return vim.fn.pumvisible() ~= 0 and "<C-e><CR>" or "<CR>"
end, { expr = true, replace_keycodes = true })

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