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What is Agrolens

Its an extention to telescope that runs pre-defined (or custom) tree-sitter queries on a buffer (or all buffers) and gives a quick view via telescope.

Agrolens.nvim demo


Neovim 0.9+



Nvim tree-sitter

And the language you with to use is also required to be installed via Nvim tree-sitter



Use your favorite plugin manager


Enable the extension in telescope

require "telescope".load_extension("agrolens")

Default configuration

require("telescope").extensions = {
    agrolens = {
       debug = false,
       same_type = true,
       include_hidden_buffers = false,
       disable_indentation = false,
       aliases = {}


:Telescope agrolens <parameters>


Parameter Value(s) Description
aliases empty Create aliases for longer lists of queries.
query functions,callings,comments,labels A comma seperated list with queries you want to run.
buffers all Run queries on all buffers.
disable_indentation true/false(default) Strips spaces from line when showing in telescope.
include_hidden_buffers true/false(default) when all buffers are selected only the visible are shown unless includehiddenbuffers is true.
match name and string Matches a variable (minus the agrolens namespace) from the query with a string. If no string is provided its the word where the cursor is.
same_type true(default)/false default we only match on same filetype across buffers but you can run queries on all if you like.
jump next/prev Jump to the next or previous match of agrolens.scope based in query input. Only works on current buffer.


Use queries from agrolens.functions and agrolens.labels

:Telescope agrolens query=functions,labels

Use query functions but run it on all buffers regards filetype

:Telescope agrolens query=functions buffers=all

Use query functions but run it on all buffers regards filetype and include hidden buffers. Some files are pre-loaded due to to provide LSP/tree-sitter and you can search in those too

:Telescope agrolens query=functions buffers=all include_hidden_buffers=true

Use query functions on all buffers but only if the matches the word on the cursor

:Telescope agrolens query=functions buffers=all match=name

Or callings (functions/methods called) to find a function being called named myfunctions or a method of object M

:Telescope agrolens query=callings buffers=all match=name=myfunction,object=M

Same query as above but must by either main or myfunc

:Telescope agrolens query=functions buffers=all match=name=main,name=myfunc

Jump to next match in query work

:Telescope agrolens query=work jump=next


Using aliases its possible to create a new query name where its a list of other queries like

agrolens = {
    aliases = {
        yamllist = "docker-compose,github-workflow-steps",
        work = "cheflxchost,github-workflow-steps,pytest",

Using the query yamllist makes a combination of docker-compose, github-workflow-steps queries.


Some file formats just doesn't fit into the category labels so custom ones have been made for different formats for json/yaml. See SUPPORTED

Custom queries

You can place your custom queries in ~/.config/nvim/queries you can load them just as with the build-in queries. So adding myspecial as ~/.config/nvim/queries/c/agrolens.myspecial.scm enables you to run

:Telescope agrolens query=myspecial

Generating queries

Agrolens can generate queries (or tries as good as it can) by invoking the generate function on the cursor position with


Default options are:

Options Type Description
register char Register to copy to. Default ""
in_buffer boolean Create a buffer with query, default true
in_register boolean Copy query to register (clipboard), default true
full_document boolean Create query for full document/tree
all_captures boolean Create a capture group for every possible combination, default false
include_root_node boolean include root node, default false

Similar plugins


Help wanted

I don't use all supported languages and files supported by tree-sitter but if you do and want to contribute please make a MR

See the CONTRIBUTING for details.